Alberto Sanchez


Spanish/Australian artist Alberto Sanchez is a photographer and multi-media artist based in Byron Bay, Australia. Sanchez has pushed the medium of photography, developing a unique hand-colouring technique that enables him to create imagined scenarios from everyday moments. This heavy use of hand-colouring and texture results in a conceptual masquerade and ultimately creates an improbable landscape, in which us, the audience, are invited to participate in the struggle of modern life. The images fluctuate between the narrative to the matter-of-fact photographic record, resulting in a hybrid reality, of physical and imagined worlds.

Alberto conceives photography as a creative art form that is not constricted to the digital medium, where he prints, hacks and re-invents his own photographs to give them an idiosyncratic flavour. He sees photography as a kind of time traveling experience, a mixture of magic realism, which enables him to rediscover the world through his viewfinder. His body of work explores the notions of urban expansionism, capitalism and how individuals define themselves in this overloaded environment.

“Photography gives certainty, the camera records something that is, something that exists. I use black and white photography to minimise interference with perceived time or expectations of place. The fluorescent colours I use have an unnatural, almost sci- vibrancy. At the same, I want the viewer to be aware that it has been intervened by hand, an illustrative narrative only achieved through the physical application of paint. The painting modifies what is already there. I search for balance between photography and paint, which then becomes a hybrid of both.” - Alberto Sanchez

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