Antonio Sannino (Naples 1959 - )


Sannino inherited his passion for art from his father, which led him to study the great Italian masters of landscape painting by travelling to museums and artists' studios across Europe. He lived for a decade in London and has collaborated with the Square Gallery, the Fine Art department of Liquid Art System, since 2007.

The choice to dedicate himself to landscape painting was a courageous one for Sannino, who was born and matured artistically in Naples, where the art of the landscape was invented. Naples has a long tradition of both production and marketing of the landscape painting, a tradition founded during the age of the Grand Tour beginning in the 17th century, when aristocrats, intellectuals, artists, and wealthy bourgeois would travel to sights in Italy as part of their cultural education.

Sannino has created a new style of landscapes of his home region of Campania, with innovative framing techniques founded on photographic and cinematographic tools which enhance its seasonal palettes. More importantly, he has pictorially reproduced the "matter" of the landscape, a skill unique to his work.

His water surfaces go beyond a simple reproduction of a stretch of water, but include waves and surrounding rocks that are uniquely tactile. Only by touching one of Sannino's works is the observer able to trace the flow of the waves or the rough surface of the rocks formed by erosion and volcanic activity.

Sannino blends the tradition of Campania's landscape painting with new techniques born from years of study and experimentation. He has renewed this historic art, taking it from its previous plateau to a more modern height, where the landscape and nature collide with artificial elements in sprawling cityscapes. In his compositions, polluted air and thick smog form new elements to portray and depict in a tactile form, together with the sweeping flat surfaces covered with asphalt for traffic.

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