Armando Morales (Grenada, Nicaragua 1927 - Miami, Florida 2011)


Armando Morales (1927 - 2011)

Armando Morales has incredible range. His work is rooted in the Americas but often has the spirit of the European masters. Dense, mysterious jungles. Sensual fruits with fleshy curves. Modest nudes in muted tones. A dreamlike atmosphere. At once primitive and universal. Dynamic and unique.

Morales was born in Granada, Nicaragua. By the age of 11, his talent was obvious. He studied under the great Rodrigo Peñalba from 1948 to 1953. In the 50’s, he won praise and top prizes at international competitions. In 1960, he went to New York on a scholarship. He studied engraving at the Pratt Graphic Center until 1963. While there, he familiarized himself with the art trends of the time. Still, he searched for his own path. Experimenting, he moved from the abstract to the figurative. And, eventually, to a hybrid of the two.

Morales traveled widely. Mexico, Cuba, Germany, France, Spain, England, and Morocco. You can see the influence of his travels on his work. And you can understand why he is critically acclaimed worldwide.

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