Artist JL


Born in 1959, Artist JL is an academically trained career artist. Prior to his re-entry to becoming a professional painter, Artist JL had a successful career in construction business. In 2007, he decided to pursue his true love in art and had transferred all of business interests to his families and friends and dedicated all of his energy as a full time artist..

Art historian and critic Dr. Natalia Fang comments on Artist JL’s works:
“Upon closer study, you see unexpected twists and changes in Artist JL’s brushstrokes that turn his paintings into a force of nature, compelling and inexorable. When writing about nature, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the great figure of the “Sturm und Drang” movement, spoke of its dark, absurd, chaotic, and incomprehensible qualities. Jean-Jacques Rousseau – himself a figurehead of the age of Enlightenment -- echoes a similar sentiment and once wrote about how much fear he experienced when finding himself in the depths of nature. In Artist JL’s works, we can see a visual and romantic realization of the sensibilities of the two authors. Artist JL’s works are a metamorphosis of nature -- teeming with reflections, imagination and strength of spirit.”

At the invitation of Global Art Affairs Foundation (GAA”) and European Cultural Center, Artist JL held a solo exhibition at the 2017 Venice Biennale at Palazzo Bembo. Global Art Affairs Foundation and European Cultural Center are the official curatorial organizations of Venice Biennale. The 2017 Venice Biennale opens on May 13, 2017 and ran through November 26, 2017.

Work Selection

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 04

[Space - Not Now] 04

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 01

[Space - Not Now] 01

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 02

[Space - Not Now] 02

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 03

[Space - Not Now] 03

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 05

[Space - Not Now] 05

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 06

[Space - Not Now] 06

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 07

[Space - Not Now] 07

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 08

[Space - Not Now] 08

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 09

[Space - Not Now] 09

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 10

[Space - Not Now] 10

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 12

[Space - Not Now] 12

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 18

[Space - Not Now] 18

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 19

[Space - Not Now] 19

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 36

[Space - Not Now] 36

Artist  JL - [Space - Not Now] 44

[Space - Not Now] 44