Carla D' Amato (Buenos Aires b. 1966 - )



Born in Buenos Aires, and having lived in various countries throughout the world sharpened Carla d’Amato perception and understanding of human condition. She learned and explored a variety of techniques and materials before finding her own particular way of expression: bold knife palette strokes with a watery paint mixture over a handmade 100% cotton raw canvas. Her body of work appeals to reflection bridging the unconscious with the tangible through her imagery style. Recreating the human role in the act of creation by transforming the raw into something that is perceived subtlety, through a sharp tool. Here action and motion are both parts of the artwork and the process. Resulting in a recognizable subject to the audience, which totally or in part freely interacts through their own interpretation. 

Work Selection

Carla  D' Amato - Painting No. 625

Painting No. 625