Chad Muska


With a storied career as a professional skateboarder Chad Muska brings the freedom, movement and grit of the skateboarding world to his accomplished sculptures.
Heavy and stark, Muska’s minimal pieces play with core textures of stone, wood, steel, concrete and other industrial materials. Transition and a unrestrained form are the backbone of Muska’s sculptures. He says, “Skateboarders look at metal and concrete already as objects of artistic expression, it’s like a canvas.” And same limitless expression moves throughout his art.
Full of contrast his sculptures are meditative yet striking, curved stone meets sharp metal, and dark concrete pushes against the cool brown of driftwood. Muska invites and intrigues the eye through a push and pull of the height, size, shape and the junctions of the industrial materials that he uses to produce work that is as unmistakable as it is masterful.

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 Chad Muska - Untitled Sculpture #2

Untitled Sculpture #2

 Chad Muska - Untitled Sculpture #1

Untitled Sculpture #1