Danny Minnick


Danny Minnick’s work is thick in texture and energy with an uninhibited sense of action, featuring a host of characters in dazzling vibrant color. Play and grit go hand-in-hand in Minnick’s work, which often traverses large canvases and mural walls. Unrestrained by the formal notion of the canvas there is a freedom in his abstracted expressionism that paired with a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity transcends the mundane often leading to his characters occupying both his studio walls and floors, a series of actions and cartoon calamities meeting in a crescendo of shape and color.
With solo exhibitions at Los Angeles's De Re Gallery & London's Maddox Gallery, Minnick’s paintings are a bold and powerful new contender to the art scene’s stage.

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 Danny Minnick - Play My Soul

Play My Soul

 Danny Minnick - You Just Don't Get It Man

You Just Don't Get It Man