Exhibitor listing
  • Wandarbeit Neongelb - Yoshiyuki Miura
  • Ellipsoid Feuerrot - Yoshiyuki Miura
  • Sehnsucht - Antonio Marra
  • Leere erträgt mein  Gemüt nicht - Antonio Marra
  • Rembrandt -  Craig Alan
  • Gargantua - Camille Medardus Hagner
  • Bot - Camille Medardus Hagner
  • Thinker - Moto Waganari
  • Transience I -
  • Lucretia -
  • Boy II -
  • Forbidden Fruit -
  • Untitled (#120) -

Heitsch Gallery

Joerg Heitsch Gallery
Reichenbachstrasse 14
80469 Munich
T  00498926949110
M   00491607276154
E-mail address : info@heitschgalerie.de
Website : http://www.heitschgalerie.de

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Craig Alan
Biography : Craig‘s collections run the gamut from abstract expressionism to haunting, graphic realism, each one a reflection of its creator‘s unique vision. He is most well-known for his Populus series, which drew inspiration from a balcony overlooking Orange Beach, Alabama where patrons enjoying a wedding party seemed to form the shape of an eye where they stood. Craig explains, „Inspiration begins with a ‚What if...‘ as I consider alternate imagery, surfaces, effects, results, etc. It comes from the past in conjunction with now. Like a bolt of lightning.“ Since the epiphany, his Populus series is now home to dozens of celebrities and icons of all ages.
Artist's Documents: Portfilio Craig Alan  
Setcard Craig Alan  
Biography Craig Alan  
 Craig Alan - Rembrandt
Angela Glajcar

Camille Medardus Hagner
Exhibition : Solo exhibitions (selection) 2013 „Hades und Elysium“, Galerie Z, Stuttgart 2012 GG Elfie Bohrer, Bonstetten 2010 Kunst im West, Zürich 2010 „Traumtheater“, Galerie Wehrli, Zürich Group exhibitions (selection) 2014 „New Masters“, Joerg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2014 „Sehen und gesehen werden“, GG Elfie Bohrer, Bonstetten 2013 „Märchen“, Joerg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2012 „Hyperrealismus“, Joerg Heitsch Gallery, Munich Detailed Description :
Medardus developes his painting cycles by searching for clues in the past. For his oil paintings the artist combines motives of historical paintings or photographs with his own picture imaginations and creatures as well as with contemporary topics such as technology or aerospace. Medardus creates ambivalent, strange visual spaces, in which humans, animals and machines merge to timeless views. The artist lives and works in Switzerland. Artist's Documents: Catalogue Medardus  
Setcard Medardus  
Biography Medardus  
Camille Medardus Hagner - Bot
Camille Medardus Hagner - Gargantua
Keith Haring

Antonio Marra
Biography : 1974 - 79 Studies with the conclusion "Diploma di Geometra" 1980 - 82 Study at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Prof. Divincenzo, Naples Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2015 „Antonio Marra - Metamorphosen“, Galerie Wolfgang Exner - Galerie für Junge und aktuelle Kunst, Wien 2015 „Wohin mit 2 Millionen Euro?“, Fritz-Winter-Haus, Ahlen 2013 Andare a spasso, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2013 Bilderwandel, Fritz-Winter-Haus, Ahlen 2013 Mit beiden Beinen im Farbeimer, Galerie Wolfgang Exner, Wien 2012 Beziehungsweisen, Kunstverein, Nördlingen 2012 One Artist Show, Galerie im Fritz-Winter-Atelier, Diessen, Ahlen 2011 Der Garten des Malers, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2011 Eine andere Sicht der Dinge, Kunstverein, Bad Soden 2011 Her mit dem Pinsel, Galerie Schrade, Karlsruhe 2011 Feuchtfröhlicher Pinsel, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach am Main 2011 Più Vero del Vero, Galerie Schrade, Karlsruhe 2010 From Naples to Schanghai via Frankfurt, Fu Xin Gallery, Schanghai 2009 Ich würde es wieder tun, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach am Main 2009 Die Unsicherheit über den sicheren Sieg, Galerie Schrade, Schloss Mochental 2009 Wenn die Lust zum Meer wird, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2008 Es erscheint alles möglich, Galerie der Heusenstamm-Stiftung, Frankfurt 2008 Du bist was du siehst, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2008 Ausgewählte Arbeiten, Galerie Unteres Schloss, Pähl 2007 Drei Juwelen, Galerie im Hof, Baar 2006 Der geküsste Wanderer, Galerie Bergner + Job, Mainz 2006 Auf der Suche nach dem roten Quader, Galerie Angelo Falzone, Mannheim 2006 Wo ist Bruno, Fritz-Winter-Atelier, Ammersee/Diesen 2005 Northern Lights, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach am Main 2004 Credit Swiss, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Stuttgart 2003 selected pieces 1999-2003, kunstansichten 2003, FahrradhalleTM®, Offenbach a.M. 2002 Lahmeyer International, Bad Vilbel GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2015 Optic Nerve - with Vasarely und Cruz-Diez, Scott Richards Contemporary, San Francisco 2012 Beziehungsweisen, Oberhessisches Museum Gießen, Gießen 2010 Kunst - Architektur - Kunst, Off-Space Damenstiftstraße, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2010 Farbe, Detailed Description :
Antonio Marra’s abstract works remain truly fascinating due to their surprising change of form and colour. Each of his multi-perspective paintings contains several more pictures which reveal themselves by circling around the canvas. Step by step the spectator is drawn into a vivid and dynamic kaleidoscope of shape and colour. Marra’s art is a surprising experience of unique visual and dimensional effects. This painter has come to his very own style reflecting and redefining the techniques of Op-art and Orphism. Artist's Documents: Catalogue Antonio Marra  
Setcard Antonio Marra  
Biography Antonio Marra  
Antonio Marra - Leere erträgt mein  Gemüt nicht
Leere erträgt mein Gemüt nicht
Antonio Marra - Sehnsucht
Yoyhiyuki Miura
Biography : 1981 - 1985 sculpture studies, State University of Music and Fine Arts, Tokyo 1989 - 1995 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich 1994/95 Master student of Prof. Leo Kornbrust Exhibition : 2016 „Masters of Light“, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2015 „Kunst Architektur Kunst“, (with Herbert Mehler), Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2013 Galeria Arte, Lugano 2013 „Modern Sculpture“, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2013 „Sonderausstellung“, Jörg Heitsch Gallery, Munich 2012 „Kunst Stoff“, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP , Munich 2012 „Raumlabor“, White Box, Munich 2012 „9 Licht Kugeln“, Domagktage XIX, Munich 2011 Winter & Winter, Munich Detailed Description :
Yoshiyuki Miura’s works may be considered a systematizing regulation to the omnipresent chaos. With his sculptures and installations the Japanese artist reflects the relation of space and time. He leads force and counterforce in order to bring them into balanced state of tension and release. Miura creates objects which play with our perception of three-dimensionality and intrigue us by their extraordinary simplicity, precision and beauty. Artist's Documents: Catalogue Yoshiyuki Miura  
Setcard Yoshiyuki Miura  
Biography Yoshiyuki Miura  
Yoshiyuki Miura - Ellipsoid Feuerrot
Ellipsoid Feuerrot
Yoshiyuki Miura - Wandarbeit Neongelb
Wandarbeit Neongelb
Albert Paley
Detailed Description :
Albert Paley, an active artist for over 40 years at his studio in Rochester, New York, is the first metal sculptor to receive the coveted Institute Honors awarded by the American Institute of Architects, the AIA’s highest award to a non- architect. “The allure of Paley’s art comes through its intrinsic sense of integration of art and architecture,” as one noted architect stated. Paley, Distinguished Professor, holds an Endowed Chair at the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Moto Waganari
Detailed Description :
Lutz Wagner aka Moto Waganari creates transparent network-sculptures which outline a delicate body frame. By illuminating his sculptures the artists multiplies his three dimensional objects by a two dimensional shadow revealing the immaterial alter ego of every figure. His characters seem to visualize a surreal, parallel world filled with surprise and enigma. Moto Waganari’s sculptures seduce the spectator with their appealing beauty and sophisticated weightlessness. Artist's Documents: Catalogue Moto Waganari  
Setcard Moto Waganari  
Biography Moto Waganari  
Moto Waganari - Thinker


Founded in 2006
Joerg Heitsch   Director
Since 2006 Joerg Heitsch runs his gallery in Munich to feature international contemporary art. With the opening of a dependance at the lake Tegernsee with a sculpture garden in 2013 the focus of figurative and abstract painting was opened towards contemporary sculpture. The gallery intends to promote primarily young talents who reflect on modern issues and redefine art history in order to give them a chance to enter prominent private and public collections.
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