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  • Blue Lagoon Scene No. 2 - Andrea Hamilton
  • Untitled, 2015
 - Dominique  Gerolini

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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Simon Allison

Simon Allison


Angel Delgado
Biography : Angel Delgado (1965, Havana, Cuba) Multidisciplinary Contemporary Artist. Lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through keen observation of the everyday and the ordinary, Delgado is trying to transform those objects or situations that are the daily step in photographs, drawings, videos, paintings, installations and performance, with a poetic that makes us reflect on our lives, about social processes or on the same processes of artistic creation.
Dominique Gerolini

Dominique  Gerolini - Untitled, 2015
Untitled, 2015
Jérémy Gobé
Biography : Jérémy Gobé, born in Cambrai in 1986. Lives and works in Paris.
Andrea Hamilton
Biography : Andrea Hamilton (Lima, 1968) graduated from Brown University with a Degree in Comparative Literature and Politics. She was recipient of a scholarship from the Italian Consulate to study Italian Art History in Florence and Siena (1987). Hamilton went on to complete a Law Degree from Oxford University (1994), and a Masters of Law (LLM) from NYU Law School. Following this, Hamilton joined S.G. Warburg as an Equity Analyst in Latin American Mining working both in New York and London. Her career in mining inspired her love of landscape and desire to protect the environment. Her mother, an artist and an interior designer, inspired Hamilton and invited her to follow her steps. She completed the Contemporary Professional Photographic Course at Photofusion and a course on traditional print methods at the Black and White School, both in London. She has exhibited at Delahunty Gallery in London (2014), the Black and White Gallery, Photofusion, the David Gill Gallery (London), Royal Photographic Society 155th International Print Exhibition (London), The Art Council Annual Juried Exhibition (Florida) and Real People Exhibition 2011 for the Old Court House Art Center (Woodstock). In addition, Hamilton has been awarded with the AOP Open Awards in 2011 and 2013, a Sony World Photography Award in 2012, with Juror's Honorable Mention at the Landscapes Awards, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado (2015), has been shortlisted for the 9th International Arte Laguna Prize at the Venice's Arsenale (2015) and for the 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (2015).
Andrea Hamilton - Blue Lagoon Scene No. 2
Blue Lagoon Scene No. 2
Chris Levine
Biography : Chris Levine was born in Ontario, Canada in 1960. He currently lives in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. Since graduating from Chelsea and Saint Martin’s School of Art in the 80s, Chris Levine has explored the properties of laser light – the purest available to man – and has developed a distinctive language that is both modern and highly original. Levine’s work is immersive and by extension transformative, often focused on a collective experience that enhances awareness of the present moment, and our connectedness to one another. In 2012, his work was featured in the major exhibition The Queen Art and Image at London’s National Portrait Gallery to huge acclaim. His portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was hailed by the National Portrait Gallery as the most evocative image of a royal by any artist, and is recognized today as a 21st century icon. His subsequent portraits of Kate Moss, Grace Jones and Frankel have captured the same sense of stillness, strength and equanimity in each of these iconic figures. His MoMA commissioned collaboration with Antony and the Johnsons was performed at Radio City in New York, NY, the Royal Opera House in London, and the Teatro Real in Madrid to unanimous 5 star reviews. He has worked with a wide range of collaborators including Philip Treacy, Massive Attack, Grace Jones, Asprey Jewelers and the Eden Project. Exhibition : SOLO SHOWS 2013 Light 3.142, The Fine Art Society Contemporary, London 2012 The Diamond Queen, Asprey, London 2011 Selected Works, The Little Black Gallery; London 2010 Stillness at the Speed of Light, Grace Jones by Chris Levine, Vinyl Factory, London 2010 LIGHT, Laser Installation, One Marylebone, Genesis Foundation Commission, London 2008 Lightness of Being, The Queen by Chris Levine, StolenSpace, Truman Brewery, London GROUP SHOWS 2014 What Marcel Duchamp Taught Me, Fine Art Society, London 2012 Out of Focus, Photography, Saatchi Gallery, London 2012 Diamonds, Curated by Vogue, Masterpiece Art Fair, London 2012 The British Cut, The Fine Art Society Contemporary, Hong Kong Pop Up 2012 New Photographers, Danziger Gallery, New York, NYC 2012 Digital Darkroom, Annenberg Foundation, Los Angeles 2012 Antony and the Johnsons, Light Artist, Presented by MoMA / NYC 2012 The Queen Art and Image, National Museum, Cardiff 2012 The Queen Art and Image, National Portrait Gallery, London 2011 The Queen Art and Image, National Gallery, Scotland 2011 The Queen Art and Image, National Museum, Belfast 2011 Project Ocean, Selfridges / Glastonbury, London 2010 Kinetica, P2, London 2009 I want it All, The Little Black Gallery, London 2009 Antony and the Johnsons, Light Artist, Manchester International Festival 2009 Swarovski Crystal Palace, Milan 2008 Swarovski Crystal Palace, Milan 2008 Colette, Paris 2008 Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition Detailed Description :
Levine is a pioneer in the field of light art, creating and adapting technology in the pursuit of expansive visual sensations through work that has been referred to as transformational. Levine’s innovative practice is distinguished by collaboration and cross-fertilization. Incorporating numerous mediums (laser, photography, holograms) across multiple platforms including music, performance, installation, fashion and design, his creativity is manifest in a multitude of projects. The artist cites much inspiration from his practice of meditation and his work has a spiritual dimension that often defies categorization.
Emma Levine`
Detailed Description :
Emma Levine’s work is atmospheric. Standing amongst her trees, each pulsing against a quad of colored silk like a single note, is like begin transported to a magical forest where the tree and the root are one. Presented in clusters of three, four or nine, at the center of each piece floats a winter tree, replete with the finest sliver of its most youthful branches. They hover but they are emphatically not rootless, anchored by the balance and harmony of color she creates between the tree and its particular background. The delicate silk hues she seeks out for each hand pinned tree - vermillion, ice blue, acid neon green, silver dove grey - are a testament to her penetrating eye honed in Paris as a textile designer. In Levine’s recent solo show Space Between Us at the Serena Morton Gallery Ladbroke Grove, she captured both our hearts and our imaginations and sold out on the night. Levine is working with the essence of things - the naked outline of a tree, its delicate branches of cut out of unbleached paper and raw silk – and constructing something that is both completely unique and reassuringly familiar. In some ways Levine is mirroring her environment, “there’s an awareness of my landscape and me in it and how I move through it. A language that comes from the trees passes through me to others. The treeness of the paper – the DNA of that paper is tree!” Emma Levine’s trees touch us so deeply because they remind us of our connection to the elements that sustain us: the air that we breathe and the earth beneath our feet. They are the fantastical lungs of nature, only revealed in the stark light of winter, like a mythical archetype. They are reassuring and take us to a place where we belong. A place you will want to return to over and over again.
Renelio Marin
Biography : Renelio Marin (b. 1970, Havana) received an M.A. in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University in 2011. He also received a B.A. in Studio Art from Hunter College of the City University of New York in 2009 and a graduate degree from San Alejandro School of Fine Arts in Havana in 1993. Renelio's personality and his work are bi-cultural, split between two main trains of thought. The first is based on spontaneous drawing, depicting conflicts in cultural adaptation; the other expresses the influence of Western culture on different political systems. The artist lives and works in New York.
Ginny Pavry

Pierre-Luc POUJOL


Deborah Tarr

Deborah Tarr
Detailed Description :
The architectural quality to her pieces reflects the environment in which they were created, place having a profound effect on the artist’s sensibility. Currently, Tarr lives and works in Primrose Hill in a light filled studio with high ceilings, white walls, and sanded wooden floors. A large oak table dominates the room, at its center a yellow pot bursting with various sized paintbrush- es, and neat rows of oil paint tubes laid out meticulously at its base. One senses upon encounter with this space that she is beginning the paintings there before they reach the canvas – organizing the atmosphere to suit the pitch and tone of the piece. For this, her first show in the USA, Deborah has given us Black Pine. Deborah Tarr’s abstract paintings and collages are thoughtful, contemplative and quietly charged. They radiate with energy, and captivate with a visceral and positive stimulation, one that is further enriched for those who look deeply with all of their senses. For the past decade, Tarr has exhibited with Cadogan Contemporary, London, with annual sell out shows. Her oil paintings, such as Black Pine, can take up to 14 months to resolve - coaxing and transforming the materials to her will. Many of Tarr’s paintings are figurative in aspect – their center like a living thing. They reach upwards in a scheme of vertical placement that is suggestive of growth. Many of the pieces reference the natural world or a specific place in the title, yet the work is also self- referential: the figure of the artist standing tall and reaching up beyond her physical limitations.
Kevin YU
Biography : Born and raised in Taiwan, Shangkai Kevin Yu moved to New York for his BFA at Parsons The New School For Design. He continued his studies at the New York Academy of Art, where he received an MFA degree and was awarded the post-graduate fellowship and a residency at the Leipzig International Art Programme(LIA). Finding the strange narratives that exist among objects and figures from day to day life and in art history, Kevin utilizes different painting techniques that possess inherent meanings to record and create these narratives on canvas. Exhibition : 2015 Graduates from the New York Academy of Art, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen 2014 Lucid Visions, Panepinto Galleries, Jersey City, NJ Take Home a Nude, Sotheby’s, New York, NY Thanks For Coming, Tribeca Grand Hotel, New York, NY Effigy and Exile, CO Exhibitions, Minneapolis, MN. Summer Exhibition, Flowers Gallery, New York, NY MFA Thesis Exhibition, Wilkinson Gallery, New York, NY Tribeca Ball, The New York Academy of Art, New York, NY 2013 LIA Residency Show, Wilkinson Hall Gallery, New York Leipzig International Summer Exhibition, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany Detailed Description :
The optical and haptic qualities of different painting techniques possess intrinsic symbolic meanings, which are often amplified when the different techniques are contrasted with one another on the same canvas. My work invests itself in finding the right combinations of techniques to capture ideas that emerge from a mixture of fleeting sensory experiences in life, encounters of strange narrative associations in objects, and the critical conceptual response to the ways these experiences and narratives have been captured visually throughout the history of art.


Contemporary Art
Founded in 2012
Sebastiano Varoli   President
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Courtney Levine   Project Manager
Art Bastion Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Miami that features mid-career and established artists from around the world. The mission of the gallery is to introduce these artists to a wider audience and to bring innovative and exciting talent to the Miami art scene. The exhibitions and special events organized by Art Bastion Gallery evoke a sense of cultural diversity and depth that complements the multiculturalism of the city of Miami.
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