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  • Faded -  Peter Gronquist
  • I Think This Is Going To Last Forever - Will Martyr
  • Nadine -  Ryan Hewett
  • Divert #2 Head Fragment - Lionel Smit

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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Peter Gronquist
Biography : Peter Gronquist is a multi-talented American artist who has forged a career exploring popular cultural references of Americana and American identity. The artist incorporates taxidermy, pure gilding, light and mirrors, frosted glass, oil, enamel and toy models in a number of different formats to disseminate a socio-political message. Gronquist highlights patterns of America’s current mass consumption society by incorporating the icons of their purchasing power into his work, much like Warhol and the American Pop artists of the 1960s, who lived through the longest uninterrupted period of economic expansion in history, and whose work made reference to the resultant surge in mass production. Calling it ‘hyper-American’ Gronquist appropriates designer labels, the gilt and diamante of bling and the firearms of America’s gun culture to critique his society and the mutation of the American Dream. His work is smart, relevant and modish. Gronquist’s work is multi-disciplinary. One series revolves around taxidermy, and Gronquist employs master gold-platers to adhere pure gold to the installations. Another is his infinity mirrors, incorporating found objects relating to Americana: toy churches, guns, tanks and jet planes are reflected ad infinitum. In a third the artist uses more traditional media in abstract paintings on acrylic or glass. Through these diverse media Gronquist holds up a mirror to America, revealing what animates her.
 Peter Gronquist - Faded
Ryan Hewett
Biography : Ryan Hewett has been described as one of South Africa’s ‘most distinguished artists’ by Art Net and his sell out shows in London are testament to his reputation with collectors and curators. His paintings are notable for their flesh tones, and are thick with florid reds and lead white. He works impulsively, without a preliminary sketch or charcoal, beginning by applying paint directly to the surface and working quickly for fear of the oil drying. The result of this style of working is an abstracted and dynamic portrait with great presence and vitality.
 Ryan Hewett - Nadine
Zhuang Hong Yi
Biography : Zhuang Hong Yi is one of China’s most influential artists with a broad international following across Europe and Asia. His floral motifs are included in various private and museum collections including the Museum of Sichuan Fine Art in China and the Groninger and Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. Born and raised in China, Hong Yi’s concern with environmental issues is reflected in his repetitive use of floral patterns, highlighting the increasing urbanisation of his home country, the ferocious plundering of natural resources and the depopulation of the rural environment. Hong Yi moved to the Netherlands in the 1990s and running through his work is a thread that links both cultures: a love of flowers. The Netherlands’ relationship with flowers is well documented by the renowned tulip mania of the Dutch Golden Age during the 17th century. Conversely in China, flowers are uniquely symbolic, representing growth, fulfillment and prosperous beginnings, as well as manifesting good chi, each type of flower has its own relevance. Recurrent in Hong Yi’s work are the lucky Chrysanthemum and the Lotus flowers, signifiers of metaphysical purity and strength. The artist works in two dominant yet distinct mediums. One series of works is his Flowerbed series, produced with painstakingly folded origami rice-paper flowers covered in colour-shifting layers of acrylic and oil paint. The other is a more traditional painting series using acrylic in heavily sculpted and gestural impasto with unfolded rice-paper flowers. Zhuang Hong Yi’s work can be found in public and private collections internationally, including collections in New York, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Denmark, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beirut.
Laura Rathe Fine Art,
Will Martyr
Biography : Will Martyr is an exceptionally talented artist working in exacting detail. Trained at the Slade, The New York Studio Schools and the Royal College of Art each of his stylish canvases require a multiplicity of techniques to accomplish. Martyr utilises found images and shoots his own of international architecture. These images are arranged digitally and then drawn onto the canvas. Each feature is masked off using tape, individual colours are mixed and then painted onto the surface. The process is protracted and painstaking and results in an immaculate painting of Hockneyesque charm. The seductive ideals that he conveys through these sleek exteriors empty of human presence and conjuring scenes of privilege, are closely comparable to David Hockney’s paintings of California swimming pools from the 1960s that so captured the art world with their glimpses into the lives of LA’s glitterati. Martyr is heavily inspired by the design and architectural movements of Bauhaus, blurring the line between art and architecture in his slick paintings. He is also influenced by Futurism and Vorticism, attempting to express the dynamism of the modern world with hard edged imagery that requires an economy of gesture. Will Martyr was invited by the Architectural Association to take part in a unique pan-European inter-professional project on the Bauhaus in 2010 for the Crash, Boom, Bau festival at the Bauhaus in Germany. Will Martyr’s work can be found in collections in Beijing, Sharjah, Stockholm, Sydney, London, Athens, LA, Lagos and Mumbai.
Will Martyr - I Think This Is Going To Last Forever
I Think This Is Going To Last Forever
Lionel Smit
Biography : Lionel Smit was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1982. He is renowned for his monumental portraiture works on canvas in paintings, sculpture, silkscreen, video and public installations. Since his first solo exhibition in 2009, Smit’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally in prestigious galleries and art fairs. His work is currently showcased in a solo exhibition at the Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki; a public sculpture of his is currently featured in Union Square, New York City. Smit’s painting, Kholiswa, received the Viewer’s Choice Award as part of the BP Portrait Award 2013 at the National Portrait Gallery in London. It was also the ‘face’ of all advertising campaigns for this exhibition. He has been a featured artist at the Miami Art Fair 2014 and on the cover of Christie’s catalogue in London 2009. Recent exhibitions include Echo, with Cynthia Reeves Gallery on the campus of MASS MOCA in North Adams, Massachusetts and New Release, a solo exhibition with Everard Read in Johannesburg. Smit was also featured at the Cape Town Art Fair in conjunction with Everard Read. Lionel Smit’s art is defined by a relationship between sculpture and painting.[13] His paintings start with abstract lines and colour that establish a base for the subsequently overlaid image of a face or bust – in most cases posed by anonymous models from the Cape Malay community Smit’s bronzes are created using the lost-wax casting method. Patinas commonly available to artists working in bronze include natural browns, blacks and greens. However, Smit uses alternative methods that result in a saturated patina onto the bronze.
Lionel Smit - Divert #2 Head Fragment
Divert #2 Head Fragment
Jake Wood-Evans


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