Exhibitor listing
  • Expansión - Rafa Macarrón
  • Chispita - Ismael Lagares
  • Relatividad -  Martin Mancera
  • Paraíso Línea  -  Tomas  Ochoa

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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Jesus Angel Bordetas
Biography : Jesus Angel Bordetas has BA degree at the Valencia University (Spain); Studies at the Oslo Statens Kunstakademi and at the University of Austin, in Texas. He also has participated in workshops with spanish masters like Antonio López, Joan Castejón and Oliver Jhonson and he was part of a residency programs in Salmela Art center in Mäntyharju, Finland and Vybog Russia. Exhibition : Among different individual exhibitions in Spain, especially Madrid and Valencia, Bordetas has been part of art fairs like Art Madrid, Art Marbella and now Art Wynwood. Detailed Description :
His work deals with the transformation of figuration, using the codes of realism in a series of composition close to abstraction in terms of thematic. He stablishes a continuous dialogue between hyperrealism and abstraction. The figure, the focus-blur, the pictorial volumes and the colors are used in order to create –through the composition of the painting - new beings and objects that acquire a new dimension within a metapictoric language.
Carlos Edwards

Ismael Lagares
Biography : Ismael Lagares is a Spanish artist born in 1978. Lagares tries to reflect a subjective vision through the expressive character of the media, acquiring a metaphysical meaning and opening the senses of the spectator to the inner world. Between its series, they stand out A media Luz (2006-2007), When the river rings (2009), Paper's ship (2010-2011) and Circus Time (2012-2014). Exhibition : After several collective shows, the exhibition “An Imaginary Party”, at the Luis Adelantado Gallery and “Valencia” and “King’s kids”, at the Mustang Art Gallery, have outstand in his career. He has been awarded in numerous contests, both nationally and internationally, like the National Salon of Seville Autumn Prize (2010), the Francisco Zurbarán International 1st Prize and the Fuente de Cantos Price. At present, his work is exhibited at various national and international contemporary art fairs, including ARCO, MACO, ART LIMA and Art Wynwood. Detailed Description :
Ismael Lagares is a young and new painter in the Spanish scene. Born in Huelva in 1978, his career started in 2006. His work is developed in a large format, expressionist paintings with a very important graffiti influence. Being an experimental methodologist, his work has a colorful, vibrant and fast structure, which is oscillating between abstraction and materialism. Lagares uses collage, including in his painting materials like such as fabrics, paper, etc. His works creates a special impact which relies in the subjectivity that color treatment represents. In his works, there are references of great masters such as Rousseau, Picasso, Bosco or Philip Guston.
Ismael Lagares - Chispita
Rafa Macarrón
Exhibition : Macarrón is considered one of the best young Spanish artists, with a great international prestige. Winner of the first BMW paint award in 2011, he has been present in several countries and has participated in numerous fairs such as Context Art Miami, ARCOmadrid, Zona Maco, ArtBo, Art Miami or Art Moscow. Detailed Description :
In his paintings, Macarrón creates dreamlike scenes and a world of unusual characters that, despite their dramatic appearance and deformity, create a sense tenderness and kindness. With a defined style and language, his painting is fluid, fresh and harmonious as a whole. Influenced by comics, the Spanish painting of the 50s and 60s, the work of Dubuffet, Fraile, Matta or Quirós, Macarrón becomes a reference of the painting of our time.
Rafa Macarrón - Expansión
Martin Mancera

 Martin Mancera  - Relatividad
Tomas Ochoa
Biography : Tomas was born in Ecuador. He studied Language and Literature in Cuenca University, Visual Arts in division of postgraduate studies at UNAM in Mexico and Cinematographic Direction at ECAM, in Madrid, Spain. Ochoa lives and works in Colombia. Exhibition : 2015 Beyond the Tropics, parallel exhibition to the Venice biennale, Italy. 2014 IB ET NUNC Sobre paradojas democráticas, Barcelona. 2013 Loop - Video art 2013, Barcelona. Bienal del Sur de Panamá, Panamá. 2011 XI Bienal of Cuenca, Pecados Originales, Ecuador. Courtisane, Figures of Speech, Brussels. 2009 Dojima River Bienal 2009 - Reflections: The World through Art, Japan. 2008 Shanghai Art Fair. International Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany. 2006 Seis Film & Video Festiva, thun, Switzerland. 2003 Venice Biennale 2003, Italy. Detailed Description :
[About the series Paradise: Black Line] Tomás ochoa is a multimedia artist who has not only used painting and photography as a reference but has made videos, installations and used different ancestral substances -such like pyrotechnics- to increase the scope of meaning and signifier in his works. The Black Line is a series of –apparently- idyllic landscapes of Colombia, inaccessible, unexplored and almost virgin places. The title of the series comes from a narrative recorded in the book Violentología by Stephan Ferry, where it narrates that in March of 2003 a group of natives of the Arhuacan community crossed the base of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, drawing in a real and symbolic way the territorial limits of their ancestors. That territory articulated by the Archaean Mamos was designated as the Black Line. This was not a futile exercise; it was indeed a poetic and political gesture that achieved to preserve the balance of natural forces against the threat of violent groups. Ochoa deals with ancestral rite as a gesture of identity and appropriation.
 Tomas  Ochoa  - Paraíso Línea
Paraíso Línea
Alvaro Perez
Biography : The standardization of objects after the Industrial Revolution provokes feeling of belonging to traditional social groups, but in the new generations the standardization causes rejection because the subject pursues its authenticity and originality. Thus, products are intervened with characteristics different from their initial production and are "customized”. Álvaro Pérez, an artist trained in the world of industrial design, clearly knows the processes of the sphere of design and incorporates them critically in his work. In formal terms, the extensive knowledge of the materials is crucial to achieve the high quality of these interventions. These interventions or re-elaborations reach their critical climax when using color as an element that questions the initial reading of the object, detonating in this way, a flow of associations.


The audience of our contemporary art exhibitions has increased considerably during the last years, generating not only awareness about the local art scene, but also increasing the foreign interest in the Colombian art. Since 1998, when Casa Cuadrada Gallery opened its doors for the first time, we have dedicated ourselves to create a plattaform to connectt contemporary art practices with new audiences, becoming the axis of new processes, movements and approaches that have been renewing the Colombian Art. We have favored many artists who have exhibited in Casa Cuadrada gallery, several of them have projected their careers and have turned this cultural space into a window for young artists. With our experience of more than fourteen years, we have generated processes where foreign artists have participated, within a program of exchange of exhibitions between galleries and institutions that support projects worldwide; We are currently developing agreements with institutions in Europe to work together projects in the area of Fine Arts.
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