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  • Untitled (Fasha)
 -  Peter Hopkins


E-mail address : peter.arthelix@gmail.com
Website : http://www.shhhim.com

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Peter P. Hopkins

 Peter Hopkins - Untitled (Fasha)
Untitled (Fasha)
Royce Weatherly


Art Services
Jackie Cantwell   Co-founder/Executive Director
Peter Hopkins   Co-founder/CEO
SHIM is a new global "horizontal" arts service company that will allow for galleries, artists, curators, and all manner of cultural creatives to connect.
It engages current and future spaces into a network that allows its' members to self-fund, and self-organize themselves into permanent, or merely temporary "communities". It will allow these communities to share costs and retain all profits for themselves. It aims to become the new model for art galleries and for those that want to access them.
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