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  • Marilyn Bubblegum - Michael  Moebius
  • Barbie #3 -  Beau Dunn
  • Audrey “Tiffany Blue” Bubblegum - Michael  Moebius

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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Beau Dunn
Biography : Beau Dunn is a contemporary artist, known for her buzzworthy photography, sculptures and paintings inspired by the paradox of childhood innocence, materialism, and consumerism. Her series have included Barbie, Hello Kitty and gun inspired pieces. In 2010, Dunn had her first group exhibition titled, "eXist" at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in Malibu, California.. In 2013, she released a series titled, "Plastic” featuring Barbie portraits at the Art of Elysium “Pieces of Heaven,” auction located at the ACE Museum in Los Angeles. There, Dunn's Barbie's caught the eye of actor David Arquette whom joined in the bidding of one of the portraits in hopes to win it as a gift for his daughter, Coco. Dunn's inspiration for her "Plastic" series and the development of her interest in art stemmed from her experience growing up in Los Angeles,"I got into art because of the whole idea of plastic people and materialism and how people in LA perceive themselves. It plays with what I grew up with and how they act,” said Dunn. Dunn has had exhibitions on both coasts showing in Los Angeles, New York and Miami for Art Basel (2013). Her work has been featured at LACMA for the third iteration of, Around the Clock: DONUTS & CLOCKS with Dawn Kasper, a 24 hour durational performance installation which featured artist made donuts, karaoke, and an open call exhibition of 100 clocks during the entire 24 hour screening of Christian Marclay’s The Clock. Dunn's piece was a clock inspired by Hello Kitty. In March 2013, she collaborated with fellow Los Angeles-based artist Gregory Siff for a photo series called, "Beauty is Boring", shot by make-up artist and photographer Robin Black. In November 2013 she loaned one of her Barbie portraits for a collaboration with This Means Mar. The piece was on display at Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles and was a part of Mars solo exhibition entitled, "I Crave Love". In January 2014 Dunn's Barbie series, "Plastic," was a part of a group exhibit Exhibition : UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS 2017 | Solo Show, Limited Edition Gallery, New York NY 2017 | Solo Show, De Re Gallery, Los Angeles California PAST EXHIBITIONS 2010 | eXist , Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art , Malibu CA 2013 | Barbie #4, Pieces of Heaven / Art of Elysium, Ace Museum , Los Angeles CA 2013 | Hello Kitty Clock , For Your Art / LACMA , Los Angeles CA 2013 | Barbie #4, Dina Brown Gallery , "American All Star" , Los Angeles CA 2013 | Barbie Collection, Clic Gallery , New York, NY 2013 | Barbie Collaboration with This Mean Mar, Lab Art Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2013 | Barbie Collection, Lyons Wier Gallery, Art Basel, Aqua, Miami, FL 2014 | Barbie Collection, Lyons Wier Gallery, "MIA in MIA", New York, NY 2014 | Barbie Collaboration with This Means Mar, and Barbie Collection, Gallery 446, Palm Springs, CA 2014 | Doheny Drive, Pieces of Heaven / Art of Elysium, Siren Studios, Los Angeles CA 2015 | Bad B*TCH , Pieces of Heaven / Art of Elysium, Los Angeles CA 2015 | Glam Barbie #1 , Photographs, Philips Auction, Mayfair London 2015 | Chainlink Gallery | Opening Reception: November 13th : 1051 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles CA 2016 | Pieces of Heaven, Art of Elysium, Los Angeles 2016 | Group Exhibition / Madison Gallery, La Jolla, CA 2016 | Size Does Matter / Madison Gallery, La Jolla, CA 2016 | Group Exhibition / De Re Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2016 | Solo Pop Up Show entitled Plastic / De Re Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2016 | Art Miami Fair, Art Basel, Miami Florida / De Re Gallery 2016 | Group Show. Oliver Cole Gallery, Art Basel, Miami, Florida 2017 | Barbie #1 / Heaven Gala / The Art of Elysium, Los Angeles CA
 Beau Dunn - Barbie #3
Barbie #3
Oliver Cole Gallery,
Mister E

Biography : MAR’ is a contemporary American artist and vibrant voice in and amongst the blossoming Los Angeles art scene. He paints with an extraordinary attention to detail and has a skill for eye-pleasing compositions. The meaning in his abstract work slowly unlocks through movement and rhythm- the interplay of color, shape and structure. MAR utilizes and explores the power of repetition and its ability to unlock greater insights. Through the use of shapes based loosely in the subtle curves and tight angles of geometric forms MAR developed his own visual language. These ‘Fire Flowers’ as he calls them, are more expressive and gestural, than they are mathematical. MAR builds and thrives on that tension. He uses color to portray a sense of feeling and bring the viewer closer to his heart. He manipulates and shapes these feelings through the selection and composition of color. More than anything, his paintings are feelings as much as they are imagery. MAR first garnished the public’s attention in 2010 through his street art. His hand-drawn “shades of grey” prismacolor marker pieces could be seen adorning buildings, walls, utility boxes and light posts around the city. Each piece was a subtle juxtaposition of the delicate yet powerful female form and the harsh, unforgiving urban sprawl around it. Once the public began to embrace MAR’s street art, and street art in general, his fine art began to garnish attention of celebrities, major brands and collectors alike. He recently completed an installation for Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. Moving indoors and into galleries proved to be a place where his slow and methodical processes could be honed and expressed to the fullest. Born and raised in Southern California, he has lived throughout the Los Angeles area. Spending the majority of his life in Malibu, near the beach. MAR was born from the sea. A life-long surfer, the ocean played a huge role in his development, so much so, that his name came from it. MAR is Spanish fo Exhibition : He has exhibited at The LA Art Show (2015 AL); Art Angels (2015/2016); MAMA Gallery LA 2015); Soze Gallery (2014/2015); The Seventh Letter Gallery (2015 LA); Graffik Gallery London (2014 UK); The Whitney Museum of American Art (2013 NYC); LACMA (2013 LA); Gallery Brown (2012 LA); Miguel Parades Gallery (2012 Art Basel, Miami); Fred Segal x Lab Art (2013 LA). MAR has completed many commissions and installations for people and companies like; Neiman Marcus, Red Bull, Disney, Smart Car/Mercedes Benz, Fiat Automotive, Mondrian Hotels, SBE, Modernica, Vans Shoes, Warner Brothers Records, ESPN XGames Air + Style, Hudson Jeans, Neff Headwear, Lucas Films, The Art of Elysium, Siren Studios, Solé Bicycles, Vestal, Lauren Moshi, Munchkin Inc., DJ Vice, Lomography, 1LOVE Foundation and the Marley Beverage Company. He has collaborated with artists: Michel Comte, Terry O’Neill, Mark “MADSTEEZ” Deren, Gregory Siff, Gino Miles, Annie Preece, Alex Mijares, Christina Angelina, Blanda Eggenschwiler, EASE, HomoRiot, Thank You X, and 2wenty. MAR and his work, were recently featured on a nationwide television interview for ABC Sports. His work is also seen online and in such publications as Unleashed, 12Oz. Prophet, Juxtapoz, Hypebeast, Complex, Angeleno, The Daily Mail, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, LA Canvas, Patron Magazine, Streetsy, Curve, The Red Bull Bulletin, Frank151 and LA Weekly. MAR’s work is now included in the Dean Collection alongside heavyweights like KAWS, Daniel Arsham and Kehinde Wiley.
Tony Kelly
Biography : A riot of colour, a lick of gloss and a touch of irony – welcome to the sunshine-filled, palmtree-lined world of Tony Kelly. Born in Dublin in 1975, Tony worked as a photojournalist before breaking into fashion photography. He worked and lived in Barcelona until he moved to Los Angeles where he honed his signature style that is evocative, provocative and instantly recognisable. Today he is often described as a visual storyteller who implicitly understands the craft of subtext. His photographs seduce the viewer beyond first glance, inviting them to peel back the glossy veneer and discover work that challenges stereotypes, reverses roles and confronts taboos. Tony Kelly productions are renowned for their theatricality and spontaneity. His natural enthusiasm persuades celebrities to step out of their comfort zone, while his high-octane pace allows him to negotiate extravagant sets and imaginative tableaus. The fine art and fashion photographer’s work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, as well as international campaigns for luxury brands including Custo Barcelona, American Apparel, Steve Madden, Inditex, BMW and Mini. His first photo book, TONY’S TOYS, was limited to 1,000 copies and sold exclusively in Marc Jacobs stores. His second book, which will be published by teNeues, is currently in production.
Keith Marton

Michael Moebius
Biography : Michael Moebius came into the world in 1968, in the city of Pirna, Germany. Having developed a love for art at an early age, cartooning became his first passion. But in the then-communist East Germany, more pragmatic pursuits were the order of the day. Art would have to be put on the back burner while a formal education was pursued, and Michael decided on a career in engineering and construction. It was during a stint working in a parallel field of architectural illustration that Michael happened upon a book featuring the pin-ups of Alberto Vargas. A new love affair took root, and Michael decided that figurative art would be his life’s work. He started studying painting at the academy of arts in Dresden, and in 1998 he got a big breakthrough. It was at this time, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that Michael was able to make his way to the United States. His talent as a painter and photographer was readily apparent, and he quickly became a sought-after favorite of collectors. Michael has already been part of major exhibitions throughout the US. His collector base and publishers include Playboy, Procter & Gamble, Laura Biagiotti, Vogue, Vanity Fair and other well-known companies.
Michael  Moebius - Marilyn Bubblegum
Marilyn Bubblegum
Michael  Moebius - Audrey “Tiffany Blue” Bubblegum
Audrey “Tiffany Blue” Bubblegum
Terry O'Neill
Biography : Terry O’Neill, British Photographer, gained renown documenting the fashions, styles, and celebrities of the 1960s. O’Neill’s photographs display his knack for capturing his subjects candidly or in unconventional settings. His intimate chronicling of the Swinging Sixties, thanks to friendships with the Beatles and Rolling Stones, made him a household name. Terry O’Neill’s career as a photographer began at the age of 22 and he was soon freelancing for some of the most famous magazines. His coveted work hangs in national galleries and private collections worldwide. Terry has produced covers for Time, Newsweek, Stern, Paris Match, The Sunday Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and many others over the course of his six-decade career. Since Terry first picked up a camera in 1958, he has photographed presidents, prime ministers, rock stars, Oscar winners and the British Royal Family. His work has delivered iconic movie posters, album covers and fashion plates for the world’s top designers. Terry O’Neill has chronicled the lives of emerging rock stars and icons of the 60s including David Bowie, Elton John, The Who, Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry and many others. He photographed The Beatles and The Rolling Stones when they were struggling young bands and worked closely with Frank Sinatra for over 30 years, being granted access to the legend back stage and in private. Former husband to legendary actress Faye Dunaway, his photograph of her in Beverley Hills, the morning after she won her Best Actress Oscar for Network, has been nominated as the most iconic Hollywood shot of all time. His photographs of Bridget Bardot, Jean Shrimpton and Audrey Hepburn capture the charisma of these superstars at the peak of their careers.
Alejandro Vigilante
Biography : Alejandro Vigilante is a Miami-based multimedia painter who is in the process of developing a new strain of Neo-Pop art, loosely titled "i-Pop" or sometimes referred to as "iArt". Creating a new media reflecting the instant information exchange and image dilution made possible by the popularity of social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, Vigilante seeks to advance the critical role of these online worlds in the physical bodies of artworks. Vigilante began his artistic career as a muralist, having worked with filmmaker Oliver Stone in designing work for his film "Any Given Sunday", the Jackson Memorial Hospital's United Foundation for AIDS, and Tiffany & Company's 2nd floor jewelry salon in New York City. Vigilante and his work have been featured in numerous publications, including Whitewall Magazine, MIAMI Magazine, Daily Candy, The Miami Herald, La Nacion (Argentina) and Ocean Drive. Exhibition : 2012 Group Show, Avant Gallery, Aventura Art Naples Contemporary, Avant Gallery Group Show, Avant Gallery, Miami Beach 2011 Group Show, Avant Gallery, Miami Beach Solo show, Avant Gallery, Miami Beach 2010 Avant Gallery (April & December solo shows), Miami Hazan Gallery, New York Daniel Maman Fine Art, Buenos Aires 2009 Opera Gallery, Bal Harbour 1st and 21st Gallery, Miami 2008 Shulman + Associates (site-specific installation), Miami Ornare, Miami Lurie Gallery, Miami 2007 1st and 21st Gallery, Miami


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