Exhibitor listing
  • Guns and Roses -  Robert Bery
  • Son of Modern Man (2016)
 -  Monique Lassooij
  • Essence of Woman (La Esencia de Mujer) -  Eduardo Caridi
  • Sunset -  Eduardo Caridi
  • “Symbolique Sans” -  Monique Lassooij

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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Robert Bery
Biography : Robert Bery was born in 1953 in Budapest, Hungary and moved with his family to Israel at age six. In his youth he served in the military as an electric technician working on aviation communication systems. It was during his work on archaeological excavations in Israel that Bery discovered his passion for art. After the Yom Kippur War, Bery devoted himself fully to his artistic and creative pursuits, studying at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris and at the studios of Henry Moore and Jacques Lipshitz in Italy. Bery's early works featured paintings in oil and silver emulsion on wood, a technique that integrated the natural texture and grain of the surface base with the image. These stunning pieces, inspired by nature and Bery's evolving spirituality, were quickly acquired by many important collectors. Now, with his signature Duraclear prints, Bery creates a clarity and boldness that contrasts the dark mysteriousness of his earlier work. Though Bery's classical training comes through in the exquisitely beautiful and balanced forms he creates, he is also continuously on the cutting edge of contemporary art and technology. Bery employs the latest technologies in photography, video and computer graphics to create artwork of uplifting beauty and to provoke an awareness of and response to many of today's most pertinent social and psychological issues. The intention of the artist is to reflect, challenge, and inspire his viewers through color and image. Not only has Robert Bery made his distinguishable mark in the art community but also in the chaotic intelligence of noble politics. In 1993 Bery led a legal crusade that mounted a successful challenge to a NYC statute that prohibited the communication of artists in the public forum. Robert Bery refused to relinquish his rights to express himself and committed himself to the pursuit of artistic freedom. Bery's persistence resulted in a landmark legal decision that gives artists protection under the First Amendment. Bery 's v Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2014 Chase Edwards fine art Bridgehampton. NY 2011 Fingerprint, JKlaynberg Gallery, New York, NY 1998 McLaughlin Gallery, Southampton, NY 1998 Estia, Amagansett, NY 1998 Gallery Function Art, Detroit, MI 1998 Great Neck Fine Art Center, Great Neck, NY 1998 Bettcher Gallery, Miami Beach, FL 1997 Bettcher Gallery, Miami Beach, FL 1996 Bettcher Gallery, Miami Beach, FL 1996 Ozone Gallery, New York, NY 1995 Artopia, New York, NY 1995 Gallery Gabho, Tokyo, Japan 1995 Samson Fine Arts, New York, NY 1993 H.B. Starr Gallery, Palm Beach, FL 1989 Sacks Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 1987 Gemini Gallery, Palm Beach, FL 1986 Sixth Sense Gallery, New York, NY 1985 Gemini Gallery, Palm Beach, FL 1984 Gemini Gallery, Palm Beach, FL 1983 Brooklyn's Children's Museum, Brooklyn, NY Selected Group Exhibitions: 2016 Quogue gallery Ny. 2016 Dorian Gallery Watermill NY. 2016 -2015 Lawrence fine Art East Hampton NY. 2016-2015 Casa Mondo N. Miami 2016-2015 Dorian gallery Watermill NY. 2016-2015 -2014 Chase Edwards fine art Bridge Hampton .NY 2015 Elga wimmer 526 w 26 st nyc 10001
 Robert Bery - Guns and Roses
Guns and Roses
Eduardo Caridi

 Eduardo Caridi - Sunset
 Eduardo Caridi - Essence of Woman (La Esencia de Mujer)
Essence of Woman (La Esencia de Mujer)
Biography : Juan Antonio Gonzalez, better known as "Erman" (Cuba, 1956), is a mixed media artist whose theme driven, series based works are rooted in migration. Using utilitarian methods like wood-work, sewing, cut paper, drawing and ceramics, Erman creates original components for 2 and 3D collage, assemblage and installations long thought to echo and materialize remembrance, to converse about exile, displacement, up-rootness and transculture, with sub-contexts of family, gender and Afro-Caribbean folklore, from a Cuban-American vernacular. This dialogue is achieved with a very personal iconography: empty chairs and cups, ladders reaching heights and depths, wearer-less shoes, floating windows, the bifurcated but not barren landscape presented in a sub-reality where familial issues of home and homelands are questioned, challenged and when successful, resolved. Erman has been the guest lecturer at Edna Manley College in Jamaica, the National Gallery of the Bahamas, FIT in New York, Colorado State University and Lincoln Center in Ft. Collins, Colorado and most recently at Broward College in Davie, Florida in conjunction with his solo, traveling exhibition "Cortando, Cosiendo y Recordando," a catalogued survey of works curated by Rosie Gordon-Wallace. Exhibition : Erman's works form part of many collections including the Miami Art Museum, Miami-Dade Public Library, Craig Robbin's and Instituto Sacatar in Brazil, where he was awarded an International Fellowship in 2006 culminating in a solo exhibition at ACBEU Gallery
Monique Lassooij
Biography : Monique Lassooij was born and raised in The Netherlands Her paintings hang in numerous private collections in the US and abroad. In The Netherlands Ms. Lassooij started out as an abstract painter but over the years she developed a passion for figurative painting. After having studied with Dutch artists such as Pien Hazenberg and Henk Hubenet, she attended the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in The Hague and has gone on to receive several commissions and can be found in public places such as the Town Hall of the city of Scheveningen in The Netherlands. "My work explores the paradox in modern pop culture and society, sometimes clearly visible and sometimes through an underlining dichotomy interjected with humor." Ms. Lassooij finds her inspiration in colors and how those colors affect the subject whether she is painting on canvas, wood or a wall. Her subjects are often not placed within a context-giving background, allowing a single or combination of colors and geometric shapes to illuminate the chosen topic.
 Monique Lassooij - “Symbolique Sans”
“Symbolique Sans”
 Monique Lassooij - Son of Modern Man (2016)
Son of Modern Man (2016)


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