International Contemporary Art Fair

Presidents Day Weekend
February 12 - 16, 2015


Exhibitor Application and Contract

February 11-15 | 2016

We understand that by providing this information Art Miami LLC dba Art Wynwood or Show Management will use my information for marketing the event.

This application/agreement (the Agreement) when signed electronically via acceptance of the website terms or when provided signed in its printed form by the applicant and then accepted via Art Miami LLC’s formal approval letter becomes a binding agreement regarding participation in the contemporary art exhibition in Dade County, Florida known as Art Wynwood 2016 (“the Exhibition”). The Application and deposit should be returned to Art Miami, LLC at the address set forth on the signature page of this agreement. Art Wynwood is scheduled to take place February 11- 15, 2016 in the Midtown Arts District, 3101 NE 1st Avenue (Midtown Blvd) between NE 32nd & NE 31st, Miami, Florida 33137


Paintings Prints Video Installations Sculpture Photography
Other (explain)

Stand Request: Included in the stand cost: 12’ (3.65 m.) high perimeter hard walls, 1 standard table with 2 chairs, booth signage, drayage of empty boxes, lighting as described below and listing in online catalog. There are mandatory additional fees for additional stand lighting, additional walls, additional signage, special construction, rigging, miscellaneous electrical services, shelving, sculpture pedestals, sculpture drayage and labor furnished for exhibitor supplied materials. Labor can be provided at an additional charge. Minimal stand size is 300 sq. ft (27.9 sq. meter.)

APPROXIMATE BOOTH DIMENSIONS AND PRICING: Please indicate preferred booth size below.

300 sq. ft./27.9m2 Includes 9 lights $13,500 $45.00 / sq ft
400 sq. ft./37.2m2 Includes 12 lights $18,000 $45.00 / sq ft
500 sq. ft./46.4m2 Includes 15 lights $22,500 $45.00 / sq ft
600 sq. ft./55.8m2 Includes 18 lights $27,000 $45.00 / sq ft
700 sq. ft./65.1m2 Includes 21 lights $31,500 $45.00 / sq ft
800 sq. ft./74.4m2 Includes 24 lights $36,000 $45.00 / sq ft
900 sq. ft./83.7m2 Includes 27 lights $40,500 $45.00 / sq ft
1000 sq. ft./93m2 Includes 30 lights $45,000 $45.00 / sq ft
1100 sq. ft./102.3m2 Includes 33 lights $49,500 $45.00 / sq ft
1200 sq. ft./111.6m2 Includes 36 lights $54,000 $45.00 / sq ft

Stand Size indicated on this application is an approximation. Final booth size may vary depending on booth design and available exhibition floor space. Final booth size will be charged using a pro-rated square footage rate determined by the booth size (see pricing table above).

BOOTH PLACEMENT: Art Miami, LLC does not guarantee requested booth placements and/or specific fair configuration. Art Miami LLC dba Art Wynwood reserves the right to make changes in booth assignments and/or fair configuration at any time. All booth placements and fair design are at the sole discretion of Art Miami, LLC.

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