Edite Grinberga



1965 Born in Riga, Latvia

1975 – 1982 Janis Rozentals School of Art, Riga
1982 – 1983 Studies at the State University of Latvia (English and Philology)
1983 – 1988 Studies at the State Academy of Art, Riga (Painting and Textile Design)
1989 Freelance artist in Riga – installations, theatre costumes, wax figures
Since 1990 Painting, lives and works in Berlin
2011 Residency in Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico, USA
2012 Final Round Losito Art Award Berlin
2014 Audience Award 28. Art Prize Savings Bank Esslingen-Nuertingen

Edite Grinberga’s paintings, with this strong chiaroscuro effect, throw a melancholic glance back at history. Nevertheless, artworks can sometimes have a lot of staying power, accumulating different layers of meaning in different time periods, especially when cultural change is as dramatic as it is today. Just as the industrial revolution transformed society in the 18th and 19th century and if nothing else, brought forward a bourgeoisie with their ideals of edification, so it is today shattered by the digital revolution, which now streamlines intellectual work on top of the last century’s systemization of physical labor. Traditional cultural media, like the book, the musical instrument and the painting are also seized by this revolution; access to them is now democratized, in which they also have been economically devalued, no longer functioning as bourgeois status symbols. The question will be raised of what role books, paintings and musical pieces will play in a culture shaped by the digital revolution. In this way, Edite Grinberga’s paintings act as visual memories of a future that has only now just begun.

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Edite  Grinberga - Chair with red belt, 2017

Chair with red belt, 2017

Edite  Grinberga - Living room with table and red, 2017

Living room with table and red, 2017