James Ferrari


"My mission is to breath new life into unusable Ferrari car parts and redefine the relationship between the natural and mechanical worlds through my art."

James expresses himself through his passion for Ferrari cars and his love for metal working.

He was born in Bronxville, NY in 1969 and grew up splitting his time between New York and Southwest Florida.

His Italian roots started with his great, great, great, grandfather, Allesandro Ferrari (1845) who owned a farm in Parma, Italy. His great grandparents, Domenic and Angelina (Moruzzi) moved to America in 1898.

Ferrari's passion to become a metal sculptor was ignited during his last semester at Florida State University while finishing his studio arts degree. In 1993, the University purchased one of James' first steel sculptures titled "Victory" as a public art piece for the Bobby E. Leach Center.

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 James Ferrari - Round Top Longhorn 01 F015

Round Top Longhorn 01 F015

 James Ferrari - Quattrovalvole Prancing Horse F014

Quattrovalvole Prancing Horse F014

 James Ferrari - Prancing Horse Testarossa F013

Prancing Horse Testarossa F013