We are pleased that Jason has agreed to become part of the 55Bellechasse’s adventure.
He was born in Michigan, and now has workspaces in California and Florida, USA.
Jason is best known for his career as bassist and vocalist for Grammy Award winning,
Hall of Fame Artists, Metallica.
He was indeed a member of the world’s most successful heavy metal band from 1986 to
2001 and was part of both recording and touring for the legendary ...And Justice For All LP and the ground-breaking Black Album.
While retaining his interest in music, Newsted has now focused most of his attention
and considerable energies on visual arts.
He already got extensive interviews and articles in the USA and France dealing with the
new focus for his career and it is in line with our belief : Jason Newsted could become
as famous for his paintings and drawings as he is for his music and vocal skills.
Jason will be celebrating his 55th birthday and 55 Bellechasse its 5th anniversary,
in March 2018: a wonderful alignment of the stars for those of us who believe in the positive karma of the number 5. We look forward to sharing a special celebration together.
But now it is Art Miami 2017 and Jason Newsted’s art is surrounded by pieces made by 7 other members of the 55B’s team: Niloufar Banisadr, Christiaan Conradie, Jon Davis, Diadji Diop,Tomasz Kaniowski, Jonas Leriche and Pascal Vochelet.

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