Judy Stabile (Los Angeles 1951 - )


Judy Stabile's paintings and sculptures are exhibited in many prominent private and corporate collections worldwide. Her work can be seen in New York, London, Taiwan, Paris, Japan and her native state, California among other locations
Born in Los Angeles, Stabile attended the Chouinard Art Institute from 1968-1971, where she was exposed to the light and space movement. In the early seventies Stabile found mentors in the hard-edged abstractionists Lorder Feitelson and Helen Lundeberg. Their faith in geometry and a neo-constructive approach confirmed Stabile's formal sensibilities.
She moved to her Venice studio in 1973 and has been well established in the California and International art world since her first exhibition at the Molly Barnes Gallery in 1984. Judy is known for her use of robust geometric shapes and luminous colors.
Stabile is now creating a collection of 'cutout' glass and aluminum wall sculptures while continuing to expand and develop her iconic cone series. Her "cylinder paintings" were recently exhibited at the 2013 'Art Miami' Art Expo. Judy Stabile now works out of her studio in Culver City, California.
"My approach to painting is instinctual. I like colors and shapes that exist in nature; the cone, the triangle and cylinder. To me it's all about creating an equilibrium and integrating that 'geometric interplay' with emotional and sensual expression."

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