Lucio Chiurulla (Perugia, Italy 1972 - )


Lucio Chiurulla was born in 1972 in Perugia. He currently has his studio near the Trasimeno Lake in Umbria, where he lives and works.
A sculptor of twenty-five years experience with marbles, granites and stones, after his studies at the Art school and Accademia of Belle Arti in Perugia (Italy), where he also studied graphics, print and painting, he began his own artistic experience through his own independent study in sculpting.

Lucio begun sculpting in 1990, starting a study path that takes him from Ancient Roman, Greek and Medieval statues and mosaics to modern sculpture. In so doing, he has acquired skills and specific carving techniques on marbles and stones. He has created different kinds of artworks that go from high-relief portraits and busts to mosaics, through which he has learned and understood the traditional sculpting methods used in the past so that now he can re-interpret them in his own works. He finds this kind of study – so far from the modern way to conceive art – very stimulating and inspirational; from it he gets ideas and answers that lead to his creations; even though his pieces of art can be symmetrically opposed, they represent a parallel between past and future. The technique he uses allows him to roughly hew his materials until he reaches an utterly essential form that becomes permeated with energy.
He prefers to express himself with marble and stone, both which he constantly carves. Lucio can transform marble so that it becomes a delicate epidemic layer, creating a veil that neither hides the tensions and frictions nor the acts of love and impulses of the daily flow of life.

He has held several exhibitions, among them exhibitions organized by Ken’s Art Gallery in Florence and West Palm Beach (1999-2001), the Archaeological Park in Populonia (Tuscany), Cavour Art Festival in Terni (2001), Galleria il Sole Centro d’Arte in Perugia (2003); Palazzo Morelli Fine Art in Todi (Umbria) (2005-2011) and Carla Mancini Art Gallery in Perugia (2016-2017).

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