Marco Grassi (Milan 1966 - )


Marco Grassi has spent the last decade creating works with an eye to remaining faithful to his figurative style, and avoiding the whims of fashion and trend. His artistic language and the subjects he chooses highlight his unchanging vision and complex sensitivity, though his representations of the fashionable female figure, use of particular colour combinations and lacquering, and series featuring subjects with minimal variation have led him to be inaccurately labelled as a Pop artist.

Though Grassi chooses subjects who are delicate and attractive, these female figures are also energetic and resolute. Their representation in bright and fashionable colours echoes the Pop Art genre, but the subjects themselves are outside the confines of that artistic category.

In his most recent works, Grassi has abandoned the element that was once his trademark style and technique: the decisive brushstrokes which outlined his anatomic forms and lent a sense of stability to the whole of the figure, and contrasted with bold colours blended with spatula and drippings to break them down and make them more subtle. His recent subjects display less certainty, which once allowed the figures to integrate themselves fully with the complex weave of colors. Today, the background against which they are represented is more decisive and reflects the subjects' facial expressions and intense silence, creating a complicity with the observer.

Grassi has collaborated with the Liquid art system since 2010.

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