Matteo Massagrande (Italy 1959 - )


Matteo Massagrande was born in Padua, Italy in 1959. Massagrande is an accomplished painter and a talented engraver. He has exhibited in over one hundred exhibitions internationally in the past 30 years.

Massagrande presents us with intimate interiors in varying states of deterioration. These derelict urban spaces, once so full of life, are hauntingly depicted through the use of light, subtlety of palette and cinematic use of perspective. They the viewer is at once drawn inside; through a sequence of rooms, partial views of corridors or terraces. We are invited to wonder what is beyond the open doors, through each window frame and around each corner.

Perspective and light, more than anything else, are the elements that define Massagrande’s work. He does not simply depict what he sees with a scientific eye. The use of a mathematical perspective is substituted for an empirical one, typical of the art of the XIV and XV centuries. Massagrande studied and absorbed the lessons of the Renaissance masters, reinterpreting them, to create his own unique style. Like the early masters, Massagrande uses several focal points in his compositions. It is as if each scene was viewed simultaneously from three or four different points of view, yet still each scene retains the illusion of a perfectly defined perspective.

This is also evident in his construction of the space. The artist draws inspiration from several sources, fusing elements of different spaces together through his masterful use of light to create a new reality. In this sense, any human presence would simply be superfluous. The interiors are portraits in themselves: they radiate the essence of life and not just the remnants of their former inhabitants. For the artist each scene is a vision, re-imagined with every new composition. The rooms and artefacts we see, saturated in light, instil a vivid sense of remembrance steeped in an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.

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Matteo Massagrande - Adriatico


Matteo Massagrande - Corridoio


Matteo Massagrande - La luce dell’orto

La luce dell’orto

Matteo Massagrande - Mattino d’ottobre

Mattino d’ottobre

Matteo Massagrande - Ingresso dello studio

Ingresso dello studio

Matteo Massagrande - Gli Alberi di Hajós

Gli Alberi di Hajós