Matthias Verginer (Brixen 1982 - )


Matthias Verginer studied advertising graphics and sculpture at School of Arts, Selva/Gardena. Then, in 2001, he started his apparenticeship under his father, Willy Verginer.
In 2004 he was at IHM in Munich. In the same year, he became member of Unika art fair in Ortisei and since then his works have been exhibited for several year at Arte Padova (2005-2007) and Tradefair Milano (2005-2008).
In 2012 Liquid art system displays his works in Positano.
Matthias Verginer's works are full of humor.
They celebrate an imagination which at first glance seems ambiguous and funny, but the laugh they provoke does not appeal to sentiment, rather, in the words of Henri Bergson, "it appeals to intelligence pure and simple.". They do not just entertain and charm us, they also invite us to reflect on the mechanisms with which we perceive reality, its questionable or absolute truth and its changing or immovable aspects.
The works are made up of a highly colored assemblage of animals and human figures sculpted from wood.
They are realistic in their similarity to reality and absurd in their ties to meaning. They are as bewildering and mysterious as dreams, they told within themselves both surrealism and magic realism, sophisticated quotations, literary references and bizarre intuitions.

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