Mauro CORDA  ( 1960 - )


Born in 1960 in Lourdes, France
Lives and works in Paris
As a sculptor, Corda is sensitive to color. He not only uses the most diverse patinas, but he also applies chrome, silver, gilding and paint to his bronzes. Starting from the same color sensitivity, Corda has gone on to other materials than bronze. He has cast sculptures in aluminum and iron. And as he regularly spends time in the Italian Pietrasanta, he also works in marble and terra cotta. It is astonishing to see how this wizard commands the diverse techniques necessary for the varied material applications.
But the material experiments lead back to Corda’s central theme: to portray
people in the most diverse roles, environments, and situations. Corda’s expressiveness is too strong for just one material. He will redo his bronze bust of an Asian girl in ceramic, because it will let him illuminate aspects of her essence that remain hidden in bronze. A white marble fist, in positive and negative form, has something gentle, while an aluminum male torso takes on an almost divine radiance.

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