Mercedes Bravo (Pinar del Rio, Cuba 1988 - )


Mercedes Bravo was born in Pinar del Rio, a beautiful rural province east of Havana, Cuba, and home to many of Cuba’s most famous artists. Fascinated by art since childhood, Mercedes started classes at the Academy of Art in Pinar del Rio at age 14; graduating at age 18 with a professional technical diploma in Visual Arts. Her thesis concerned the role of costume design as a conceptual element in the “masking” of women, and that theme has been a fundamental thread running through her evolution from fashion design to painting. She pursued her design and artistic career at the Cultural Center in Pinar del Rio for the next 5 years, during which time she participated in numerous group exhibitions, which included her drawings and acrylic paintings in addition to fashion designs. Seeking a broader platform for her art, Mercedes emigrated to Venezuela in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, she taught art at a community cooperative in Caracas and worked as a fashion designer in Bogota, Colombia. In early 2015 she moved to the United States and is now living and working in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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 Mercedes Bravo - Blossom


 Mercedes Bravo - Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp