Metis Atash (Germany - )


German-born Metis Atash, once a successful owner of an investor relations consultancy in Munich, decided to abandon her corporate life and follow her passion for art, design, and fashion. Since then, and with a clear concept for her works, she has created sculptures which in every essence reflect her artistic vision centered on individuality and splendor.

Working in various mediums, each piece Atash creates is a one-of-a-kind work. Her sculptures are subject to a multi-step process of clay modeling, molding, sculpting, sanding and lacquering. Influenced by the fashion industry, she prides herself on producing works that are not specific to particular tastes or styles but that represent current trends which mark a specific period in time.

Atash’s works have been exhibited both in the US and Europe. She is currently based out of Miami, FL.

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