Paolo Manazza (Milano, Italy 01/30/1955 - )


Paolo Manazza was born in Milan in 1959. He studied Theoretic Philosophy at the Università Statale if Milan. Today he is a true intellectual in the field of visual arts. He is a painter and a journalist, but also the author of many essays: the latest is “On the scope of art in the wake of 9/11” (ObarraO Editions, Milan, 2006).
Paolo Manazza is part of the generation of those artists that still nowadays, in the mare magnum of the new contemporary art codes, is trying to explore the unlimited possibilities of the painting. He is dealing not with figuration, about which not just in Italy there is a (not so edifying) dispute; he is wondering if it is desirable or not to go back to the technique supremacy on the footsteps of the tradition in contrast with the new bi-dimensional trends. Manazza pushes as far as the painting viscera wondering about the meaning and the strength of the colour on the shape, which is in an osmotic but also servile relation with the colour itself. The colour research, just apparently on the footsteps of the great fathers of the Abstract Expressionism, is more about an existential and a spiritual dimension that is part of the needs of our historical period. More pregnant, observing the chromatisms and the vibrations produced by the matching of the backgrounds and their transparencies, appears in his case the study of Wassily Kandinskij; according to him art have to move, to create a deep direct new contact able to penetrate into the “ego” of who is observing, while the shapes have to create a harmony to obtain an effective contact with the soul. The artist’s hand, in Manazza’s case, draws from the will of playing with the power and the brightness of the pigments to create a mystic, sentimental, transcendent, mysterious effect. In other words the wish of giving life to a completely different reality where the painting, as in Mark Rothko’s lesson, becomes a window open in a transcendent world, capturing ourselves in its unmistakable and intense “revelations of absolute emotions”

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 Paolo Manazza - Windy Spring (2017)

Windy Spring (2017)