Silvia Trappa ( 1986 - )


Silvia Trappa (1986) is an italian artist that works and lives between Brescia e Milano.
After the degree in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara she was selected for an exchange program in Japan and she has continue her studies at the Tokyo Zokei University.
She works with sculpture and drawing using the theme of childhood as a metaphor of life or finding inspiration in the history of different culture to talks about topical facts.
The lightness of her works often hides a critical view and a deep meaning.
She has been artist in residence in Italy and in Japan and her works has been exhibited in Italy, Portugal and Japan.
Since some years she plans workshop about creativity and recycling for children and people with different kind of disabilities.

Work Selection

Silvia   Trappa - Summo Girl

Summo Girl