Son SEOCK (South Korea 1955 - )


Son Seock was born in South Korea in 1955 and has lived and worked in France since 1995.

His works belong to the realm of the visual senses: if we shift our point of view, we can experience the color changing of his paintings like the skin of a chameleon. The images disappear according to our own movement, or we even have the illusion that they are escaping from the picture-plane realm and floating in mid-air. The viewer becomes part of the artwork, enjoying the magical effects created by the relations between the image and the background. These changes of color and disappearance of images according to the movement of the eyes are comparable to the technique of Rayogram in photography.

The picture-plane, covered with numerous dots to resemble a rough cement surface, stimulates the viewer’s eyes with tactile experiences. The multiple layers of small paint lumps are a demonstration of the devotion of the artist to his work. He transcends the traditional painting technique and develops new methods, trying to keep the distance from a world increasingly focused on digital media and photography.

The lines that divide the picture vertically create the illusion: they are not placed randomly but are the result of mathematical calculations and logical rules. The subject matters, such as elephants and ceramics, are in this way minimized. Son Seock does not represent them for the sake of narration, but he simply places them on the picture-plane as anonymous objects. Paradoxically, such minimization of narrative contents does not mean an absence of meaning; on the contrary it allows the viewer to concentrate on the image, fascinated by the abundance of aesthetic meaning.

The tactile works of Son Seock reveal in fact the immaterial qualities of objects. By establishing a relationship between the images and the tactile background, the artist suggests his attempt to overturn logic. As the vase disappears according to the movement, the viewer notices the chaos of perception and its relativity. Therefore, the porcelain vase paintings by Son Seock allow the viewer to experience new sensations, discovering the gap between the existing and the non-existing, the visible and the invisible.

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