Tom Leighton


Tom Leighton was born in London in 1981. Following his BA in printmaking from the University of Brighton in 2004, he gained an MA from the Royal College of Art in 2006. Throughout his practice, Leighton has worked with urban landscapes. In 2006 he won the John Purcell Paper Prize and the Thames & Hudson Book Prize. He has exhibited in London, Paris, Tokyo and the United States. Collections include The Sandor Family Collection, Chicago, Kunsthalle Weishaupt Collection, Ulm Germany, MuCEM (French National Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations), Tiroche Collection, UK/Israel, The Shein Family Collection of Pennsylvania, Felix Robyns, 12 Advisors Group, London/Brussels, Nicholas Topiol, President of Christian Lacroix, Paris, The UBS Art Collection, JCA Group, London & The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Leighton lives and works in London and is represented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London.

Work Selection

Tom Leighton - Grand Avenue, 2017

Grand Avenue, 2017

Tom Leighton - The Capitol, 2016

The Capitol, 2016

Tom Leighton - Musings in Neutral, 2014

Musings in Neutral, 2014

Tom Leighton - Purple Bulbous Systematic, 2012

Purple Bulbous Systematic, 2012

Tom Leighton - Flower Power 3, 2017

Flower Power 3, 2017

Tom Leighton - Cantilever Pool House, 2016

Cantilever Pool House, 2016