Yves KLEIN (Nice, France 1928 - Paris, France 1962)


Yves Klein is an influential French conceptual artist who works in a wide variety of fields. Probably best known for his use of a very dazzling shade of blue, he began creating his monochrome series in the 1950s by developing and patenting his own signature hue known as IKB or International Klein Blue. Born April 28, 1928 in Nice, the artist founded the New Realism movement with the art critic Pierre Restany in the Parisian apartment of Klein in 1960. The other members are Arman, Jean Tinguely and François DufrĂȘne. Her mix of conceptual and performance art contrasts with Expressionism and the first sensibilities Pop of other artists of the time, some of her most famous works present nude models who act as living brushes to paint canvases with her blue pigment in the series Anthropometries. The artist's short but prolific career ended on June 6, 1962 when he died of a heart attack at the age of 34.

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 Yves KLEIN - Victoire de Samothrace

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