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Contemporary Art

Calypso (2018) - Diana Copperwhite

Diana Copperwhite Calypso (2018)

The Temptation of looking back (2017) -  Gustavo Acosta

Gustavo Acosta The Temptation of looking back (2017)

Red Wheelbarrow (2018) - Danny   Rolph

Danny Rolph Red Wheelbarrow (2018)

Constellation (2018) - John Alexander Parks

John Alexander Parks Constellation (2018)

The traditional figures that represent the constellations are playfully reworked by combining putti with mythological beings. This new drama is reinforced by rich surface texture, depth in the painting and resplendent color to provide an equivalent for the velvety depths of the night sky.

Transparent III (2017) - Per Adolfsen

Per Adolfsen Transparent III (2017)
In his Transparent series, Adolfsen abandons the superficial cliché as a starting point and instead looks deeply to reveal the multifaceted psyche of his sitter, a fellow artist friend. Transparent II is bathed in an invigorating pale blue haze that permeates the woman’s skin and clothing. The border between her body and the background blurs at times. Is she in a state of dissipation or becoming? Regardless, she stands unperturbed: shoulders square with the viewer, lips cocked in a confident smirk. Not the mere object of a consuming gaze, the woman in Transparent II asserts her own agency by looking back at the viewer. Transparent III shows the same woman slightly larger than life. Once again meeting the viewer’s gaze with blue-green eyes—whose lids are described in sharp orange lines with the geometric structure of Cézanne’s graphite portraits—she appears relaxed, yet strong.

Transparent I reveals a different facet of Adolfsen’s artist friend, and by doing so gives the viewer a fuller picture of her. A powerful warm light threatens to overwhelm the figure—her skin and yellow camisole almost lost in the blinding glow of the background—yet her eyes securely anchor her in space and bind her to the viewer even while a series of quick, repetitive diagonal strokes describing her hair bely an inner anxiety.

Exhibiting Artists

  • + Gustavo Acosta
  • + Per Adolfsen
  • + Carlos Rodriguez Cardenas
  • Cecilia Charlton
  • + Diana Copperwhite
  • + John Alexander Parks
  • + Elio Rodriguez
  • + Danny Rolph
  • + Jose Vincench

Other Represented Artists

  • + Susana Guerrero
  • Ian Hughes
  • Les Joynes
  • Arghavan Khosravi
  • Sky Kim
  • + Julie Langsam
  • + Nadja Verena Marcin
  • + RIME MSK
  • + Piers Secunda
  • + Tanja Selzer
  • + Lien Truong


532 Gallery is located in the heart of West Chelsea's art district, where it opened in 2008. The gallery presents fresh, vibrant works that capture the aesthetic dynamics of 21st century culture. The gallery represents a group of internationally established and emerging artists who produce significant works of lasting value that engage and resonate with contemporary visual culture. These artists work in a variety of styles and media that includes painting, sculpture, photography, video and performance art.


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