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Transformar la Espera - Cecilia Prato

Cecilia Prato Transformar la Espera

BICICLETA from the series "In Dior we Trust" - Ernesto Javier Fernandez

Ernesto Javier Fernandez BICICLETA from the series "In Dior we Trust"

Exhibiting Artists

  • + Cecilia Prato

Other Represented Artists

  • + Florencia Aise
  • + Ernesto Bertani
  • + Sergio Castiglione
  • +  Andres Compagnucci
  • Juan Del Balso
  • + Ernesto Javier Fernandez
  • + Juan Lascano
  • + Mario Perez
  • + Nataiia Sanchez Valdemoros
  • + Enrique Testasecca
  • + Mark Vassallo
  • + Luis Wells


We are a boutique gallery focused on promoting emerging artists who stand out not only for their talent, but also for their career path. We are looking for young promises who are practitioners of the traditional techniques and fervent advocates of precise strokes. Artists who can amaze others with the creativity of their artworks.
Our team is made up by professionals who together sum up over 15 years of experience. They are the backbone of a greater project which started a few years back and took shape during the first months of 2014. At that time, two curatorial projects originated in order to participate in artistic fairs in the United States and Argentina.
The audience and critic’s acknowledgement towards the work of our artists and the presentation of their artworks encouraged us to search for a place in Miami that could be the home to Wynwood 28. Last March, we found the ideal place where the new gallery is going to be built. It is located at 59 NW 28th Street in the heart of Wynwood. While this is taking place, we are renting a space in this artsy neighborhood (97 NW 25th Street. Suite 102) so that our artists can keep on promoting their work.


97 NW 25th Street. Suite 102 FL 33127 Miami United States

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Enrique Testasecca Alvarez Marcos Sturba Anabella