ArtLabbé Gallery

Latin american and international contemporary art

Rhino Beetle -  Mike Renard

Mike Renard Rhino Beetle

Rhino Beetle -  Mike Renard

Mike Renard Rhino Beetle

Envolvente series -  Pepe Toledo

Pepe Toledo Envolvente series

Raincoat 10 - Sebastián Riffo Montenegro

Sebastián Riffo Montenegro Raincoat 10

Ragú -  Margarita Garcés

Margarita Garcés Ragú

Espada de San Miguel -  Daniel Marín

Daniel Marín Espada de San Miguel

N/A -  Amelia Campino

Amelia Campino N/A

Crossroads Series - Danielle Frankenthal

Danielle Frankenthal Crossroads Series

Paquete Mágico - Francisco Mery

Francisco Mery Paquete Mágico

Arc V - Solange Heilenkötter

Solange Heilenkötter Arc V

Exhibiting Artists

  • + Amelia Campino
  • + Danielle Frankenthal
  • + Margarita Garcés
  • + Solange Heilenkötter
  • + Daniel Marín
  • + Francisco Mery
  • + Mike Renard
  • + Sebastián Riffo Montenegro
  • + Pepe Toledo

Other Represented Artists

  • Javier Baliña
  • + Jean Dubuffet
  • Julio Fierro
  • Isabel Margarita Haeussler
  • Maria Laura
  • + Joan Miró
  • Amauri Torezan
  • + Nora Unda
  • + Valeria Yamamoto


For over twelve years, ArtLabbé has had a unique vision and passion. The vision is art should encompass every aspect of life. The passion is the art should inspire, heal, challenge, bring joy wherever it resides. With these eyes, we find and work with holistic artistic solutions able to traverse cultures and intra-cultural spheres. We have a focus working with government embassies and organizations to support art and use its potential to unite people and bridge differences. Its directors, Nestor Soto Godoy, PHD in Theology and Philosophy, and María-José Fuentes Labbé, Visual Arts Degree, work to show this vision to their audience.


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María-José Fuentes Labbé Néstor Soto