Blink Group Fine Art Gallery

Blink Group is a pop-up, internet, and in-venue Art Fair gallery focused on the production of curated art exhibitions globally. It was founded by Elizabeth “Lola” Reyes, who operates the gallery from Miami and Los Angeles. Her vast experience in sales, marketing, and branding across the US, Latin America, and Europe empower Blink Group to assist collectors, galleries, museums, and various institutions build and grow their artist roster and collections. Our knowledge of current art trends around the world, coupled with our catalog of artists ensure effective business guidance and personalized quality service. We believe that the client is an essential part of us, along with architects, curators, and interior designers. We all collaborate as a team to achieve a successful project.

Girl Relax - Ignacio Gana

Ignacio Gana Girl Relax

Strength -


Wonder Woman Blast - Anabel Ruiz

Anabel Ruiz Wonder Woman Blast

Painting No. 625 -

Painting No. 625

 Illuminate the Mistery - Alejandra  Aristizabal

Alejandra Aristizabal Illuminate the Mistery

Gentle Breeze - Canal Cheong Jagerroos

Canal Cheong Jagerroos Gentle Breeze

Exhibiting Artists

  • + Alejandra Aristizabal
  • + Adrian Avila
  • + Claudio Castillo via
  • + Canal Cheong Jagerroos
  • + Ernesto Domecq
  • + Natalie Dunham
  • + Ignacio Gana
  • + Anabel Ruiz

Other Represented Artists


Blink Group was born from a love of art and friendships. Our mission is to ensure that every detail of our artist/client relationship is perfect. With extensive experience in sales, marketing, and client relations, Blink Group works to create and foster the collaboration between artist, gallery, museum, and media.

Blink Group believes that by building meaningful bonds within the art world, unique painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video and new media, can reach a broader audience giving everyone the chance to be transformed. Blink Group excels at pairing diverse artists with the appropriate venue, and promotion. Our goal is to create a singular experience for art lovers and emerging artist alike.


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Elizabeth Reyes