Cartel - Nicolas Radic

Nicolas Radic Cartel 100 x 100 cm
39.3 x 39.3 inches

Aluminum - Nicolas Radic

Nicolas Radic Aluminum 150 x 100 cm
59 x 39.3 inches

Bronce - Nicolas Radic

Nicolas Radic Bronce

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  • + Nicolas Radic

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XS gallery is a platform focused on the diffusion and commercialization of Chilean contemporary art. As a gallery, we seek to promote recognized artists and encourage emerging talents both nationally and internationally. XS proposes a versatile program, a distinctive vision of art that calls the public to break with traditional assumptions. We hope to contribute to the development of Chilean art with quality exhibitions, stimulating an exchange between curators, institutions and artists, diversifying the public and enriching the diffusion and dialogue.


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