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Gummy Obsession, 2018
 -  Kevin  Champeny

Kevin Champeny Gummy Obsession, 2018

Deep Connection, 2017 -

Deep Connection, 2017

Letters of Frida #2, 2018 -

Letters of Frida #2, 2018 Acrylic on canvas, 62x52 inches

Habanero, 2018 -

Habanero, 2018

Elizabeth xo Pink B2 (detail) - Tina Psoinos

Tina Psoinos Elizabeth xo Pink B2 (detail)

Cornu Glaciei, 2018 - Debra Steidel

Debra Steidel Cornu Glaciei, 2018 Hand-thrown, crystalline glazed porcelain with cast lead crystal glass and gold leaf

Ocean Azure - Debra Steidel

Debra Steidel Ocean Azure

Elizabeth xo Pink B2 - Tina Psoinos

Tina Psoinos Elizabeth xo Pink B2 Digital and mixed media collage
80 x 30 inches

Exhibiting Artists

  • Michael Alfano
  • Michael Bauermeister
  • +  Kevin Champeny
  • Doolittle
  • Mark Henry Doolittle
  • Lorena Garcia Mateu
  • Ariel Gold
  • Madeleine Gross
  • Tom Hoitsma
  • Bo Mi Jo
  • Claudia Limacher
  • Jennifer McCurdy
  • + Tina Psoinos
  • Michael Rich
  • + Debra Steidel

Other Represented Artists


Steidel Contemporary, attractively based on both sides of the Pond, in London and Palm Beach, is a leading platform for international, contemporary works of art. 

The gallery is dedicated to bringing emerging and mid-career artists from the London art scene to the greater United States audience as well as maintaining a focus on intriguing sculptural collections. In both London and Palm Beach, Steidel Contemporary hosts a number of diverse exhibitions throughout the year and keeps a constantly evolving collection of works on display to keep discerning clients engaged. 

Steidel Contemporary has a keen eye for style and detail. These qualities are at the forefront of the contemporary artists we represent. Our artists work in a wide range of materials including oil on canvas, acrylic, ceramics, wood, precious metals, silk, glass, and paper.

Expertise in contemporary art allows Steidel Contemporary and its team to provide tailored service to each individual client. Meanwhile, the gallery has gained a reputation for exhibiting stimulating, never-before-seen works within exceptional booth designs at top art fairs.


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