Abstract paintings, photography, and mixed media.

White Room -  Jonah Gouin

Jonah Gouin White Room

Depleted Power -  Jonah Gouin

Jonah Gouin Depleted Power

Fidel's Cell -  Jonah Gouin

Jonah Gouin Fidel's Cell

Toros Con Los Cigarros -  Jonah Gouin

Jonah Gouin Toros Con Los Cigarros

Miami Eyes -  Jonah Gouin

Jonah Gouin Miami Eyes

Pelican House -  Jonah Gouin

Jonah Gouin Pelican House

Real Doll -  Jonah Gouin

Jonah Gouin Real Doll

Revive the Spirit -  Collazo Collection

Collazo Collection Revive the Spirit

Walk with Me -  Collazo Collection

Collazo Collection Walk with Me

Revolutionary Love 2 -  Collazo Collection

Collazo Collection Revolutionary Love 2

Pure Love 2 -  Collazo Collection

Collazo Collection Pure Love 2

Pure Love 4 -  Collazo Collection

Collazo Collection Pure Love 4

Parable - John Seery

John Seery Parable

Fourth Dimension - John Seery

John Seery Fourth Dimension

The Oath - John Seery

John Seery The Oath

Bliss - John Seery

John Seery Bliss

Great Expectations - John Seery

John Seery Great Expectations

Quasar - John Seery

John Seery Quasar

Exhibiting Artists

  • + Collazo Collection
  • + Jonah Gouin
  • + John Seery

Other Represented Artists


Fortom Gallery opened in 2012 in the Wynwood Art District as a private, by appointment only gallery and continues this today. We represent artists with passion and character in painting, photography, and mixed mediums.


Miami United States

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