Ayline Olukman is an artist and writer who was born in Strasbourg, France and currently resides in New York. Since 2006, Ayline has found her inspiration in travel. She’s lived in various locations throughout her life and now spends half the year living in NYC and the other half travelling abroad. Her travels have taken her many places around the world; such as, Japan, China, Argentina, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Iceland, Egypt, and many more. This permanent call to elsewhere pushes her to live with fervor, fueling her artistic energy.
Ayline Olukman’s work has been exhibited and collected worldwide, including features in various art fairs, from the United States to China. She is also a published artist and author - in 2012 she published her first book of photography, Small Eternity. In October 2015 Olukman joined the writing staff at French magazine NOVO.

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