Sergio Castiglione (Buenos Aires 05/05/1965 - )


Sergio Castiglione (Buenos Aires, 1965) is an Argentine photographer. He has exhibited his work in Argentina as well as abroad. He mainly focuses on urban exploration, travel and architecture photography.
Sergio Castiglione received his degree in architecture from the School of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (1989); his MBA in Architecture from Syracuse University, New York, USA (1993); and his MBA in Construction and Real Estate from Universidad Católica Argentina/Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1996). In the field of photography, Mr. Castiglione participated in different courses, seminars and clinics on works of artists at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, Andy Goldstein Photo School, Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as with Rodolfo Lozano, Miguel Zurraco, Grace Bayala and Fabiana Barreda.
Life Story
Sergio Castiglione participated in a large number of activities related to creative art and culture. While at the university, he was assistant curator for the exhibition of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the National Academy of Fine Arts -MNBA- (1985) and, later on, assistant curator of the Palanza Award (1986) working for architect Alberto Bellucci in both cases. As architecture reporter Mr. Castiglione wrote for El Cronista, La Nación, Summa magazine, D&D (1986-1990), among others, and was appointed correspondent in Europe and the USA as member of a team led by Carlos L. Dibar. Between 1993 and 1999 Sergio Castiglione served as publisher of Arquis, Universidad de Palermo`s School of Architecture news magazine and some issues of Casas magazine. He was also co-author of a book called “Estancias Argentinas” (1996) published with Hernán Barbero Sarzábal. In 1997, Sergio Castiglione was curator of the exhibition “Madera, Acero y Piedra – Arquitectura y Diseño Finlandés de los 90 (Wood, Steel and Stone – Finnish Architecture and Design of the `90) opened at the MNBA by the President of Finland during an official visit to Argentina. Presently, Mr. Castiglione practices equally as photographer and architect and participates in real estate developments. Over the past twenty five years he has lived in Italy, Malta and the USA. He visited over two hundred cities all over the world documenting constructions and city landmarks. He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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