Juan Lascano (La Plata. Buenos Aires - )


Realist painter born in the city of La Plata, Argentina, in 1947. His parents, sensible and art lovers, discovered his abilities at an early age. Even though pursuing a Law degree was the family tradition, they never hesitated about encouraging him. During his adolescent years, he took classes with Victor Puig.
In 1966, he travelled to Spain, and it was at Museo del Prado were he found out an artwork by the great master of Realism: Diego Velázquez. Fascinated by the magnificent canvases and the light reflected on the bronze textures, he decided which path to follow.
When he was 20 years old, he presented his first exhibition. He has done over 50 individual shows. Author of still life, nudes and landscapes works, he is also well known for his portrait paintings. He has been living in the Argentinean Patagonia since 2006.

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