Natalia Sánchez Valdemoros (Mendoza 08/05/1981 - -)


Natalia Sánchez Valdemoros was born on August 5th, 1981 in Mendoza (Argentina), city where she stills resides. Even though, in 2006 she obtained her degree as Architect at Universidad de Mendoza, she had already decided to become a full time artist long before. Since then, her life and passions have been connected to art. In painting, she acknowledges as masters Guillermo Garrido and Martín Villalonga, whim whom she studied for 10 and 3 years, respectively. “Being mentored by these artists has been a pleasure. They have taught me wonderful things and I am eternally thankful…”, expressed Natalia.
Within the scope of the art world, she admires Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso as fathers of the modern art, and Joseph Beuys because of his conceptual nature, his performances and happenings.
Around the middle of 2012, she moved her studio to the city’s Cultural Center, where numerous workshops and courses for children and adults take place.
In her new studio, where she works the majority of the day, she paints, prepares installations, studies new techniques, plans, dreams and defines her art. Sometimes, she expresses herself in works that are “clean of ideas”; however, she also offers conceptual works in which she considers the esthetics to be subordinated to the message provided. In her series “Fachadas” (Facades), the artist reflects on the “proximity and distance and, at the same time, on people, human relationships and their contradictions. The idea is to show that windows are very near one from the other; however, people are disconnected from each other. Each person lives in a different world, despite being next to each other…”
In her diverse series, with courage and disposition, Sánchez Valdemoros’ work presents itself transparent, with nothing to hide, and in a clear reference to the artist’s personality.


2013. Chosen as one of the “35 young promises under 35 in Argentina” by Forbes Magazine.
2009. Special Mention at XII Provincial Hall “Luján es Otoño”. Casa de Fader Museum. Mendoza (Argentina).

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