Slava Ptrk (Shadrinsk, Russia 1990 - )


Slava PTRK (Stanislav Komissarov) was born in 1990.
Street art artist with street work experience more than five years. His techniques are stencil, installation, poster, city interventions, free spray.
Specialization - the social and political statements, interactive projects.
Education: Bronnikov's art school (Shadrinsk), the Ural State University (now the Ural Federal University named the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg), Department of journalism, specialty - print media.
One of curators and ideologists of «Sweater» street art gallery (Ekaterinburg). In the recent past, the site editor of street art and graffiti «Stenograffy», curator of the space «Stencil» at «Stenograffy» festival.
Participant of the art-residence program «Workshop» in the Ural branch of the NCC, 2012.
Participant of the annual program for education in public art CEC ArtsLink Global Art Lab in New-York, through which passed a 10-day training in July 2014.
Participant of the art-residence for young artists in «Dawn» art-canter (Vladivostok, May 2015).
Author of articles about street art and graffiti for such media as,,,,, etc.
Author of workshops on stencil graffiti, as well as his own intensive course in creative thinking and independent urban interventions.

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