Luis Wells (Buenos Aires 07/14/39 - )


Born in 1939 in the city of Buenos Aires, Luis Wells is an Argentinean artist whose work encompasses paintings, sculptures, architecture and design. He is a pioneer in the art of objects and assemblages where he uses waste material. Some of his most famous creations are the objects that he calls Toys, with interchangeable pieces, and his Techos (Roofs): abstract works where he plays with white in its majority and a variety of bright colors.
At the age of 19 together with Alberto Greco y Kenneth Kemble, he established the Informalist Movement, which includes the Abstract and Gestural movement developed in France and the rest of Europe after WWII, in parallel with Abstract Expressionism movement developed in the USA.
During these past 55 years, he has been part of over 400 exhibitions in Argentina, his country, and abroad in countries such as the United States, Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

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