Być  (Switzerland 1982 - )


Być means "to be" in Polish.
His artistic influences range from Norman Rockwell, Toulouse Lautrec, Hokusai to Blek the Rat, J-M Basquiat or Warhol, and even the comics to name but a few.
His drawings express his attraction for urban art and reflection around the human, the absurd, the meaning we give to our lives, our experiences and the emotions that these awaken.
Anonymity has a specific function in his eyes: A work must be seen, estimated and felt beyond the sex, religion, skin color or social origin of the artist.
His work is created on recovery media such as cardboard, palettes and industrial objects found or gleaned. The majority of his work is done with stencils / graffiti, body painting, markers and acrylic pens depending on what is at hand.
He is not interested in technical performance. Only the visual counts!
Być asks questions and does not answer them. It leaves to everyone the choice of reflection.

Work Selection

 Być     - The Last Supper

The Last Supper