Niclas Castello (Erfurt 1978 - )


The American performance artist and curator Arleen Schloss, mentor to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat or Keith Haring, was one of the first to recognize the talent of Niclas Castello. During his two-year stay at Arleen Schloss’s New Yorker loft, Niclas Castello immersed himself in neo-expressionistic compositions and developed his distinctive style so well-known to today’s art community. His work is honored in the world’s most important art institutions and recognized by renowned auction houses like Philips de Pury, London & New York.
Niclas Castello was born 1978 and grew up in Germany. His early fascination and curiosity for the world of colors made him part of the street art movement in East Germany. His restless search for the new, led him to the famous Montmartre district in Paris, where he joined the street art scene around INVADER and found inspiration for his art of painting. Shortly after his return to Germany, he again set off to distant shores, to New York, where he developed his unique style and his unparalleled career began.
Niclas Castello is writing art history by re-defining the relationship between painting and sculpture. With his Cube Paintings, he sets a new and genuine milestone in the antique paragon. For the very first time in human history, an artist destroys his own masterpieces to create out of them new artworks and at the same time transforms true paintings into veritable sculptures.
The accumulation and corollary of ideas is absolutely unique. On one hand, the Cube Paintings by Niclas Castello are the reversion of the historic archetype of the box in the art, Kurt Schwitter’s famous Merzbau. On the other hand, the Cube Paintings contain the macrocosm of a whole world in the microcosm of a limited space, like medieval shrines for saint relicts, baroque cabinets of wonder, or the innovative artist boxes by Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Cornell, the New Realists, Fluxus, and Joseph Beuys.
The simultaneous destruction and creation in the art have the origin in the collages of Dada, culminate in the conceptual art of the sixties, and climax today with Jake and Dino Chapman’s refaced prints by Goya, Ai Weiwei’s reconstructions with spoils and antiques, and – of course – Niclas Castello’s brilliant Cube Paintings.

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