Anthony Wigglesworth (Ireland 1979 - )


Anthony Wigglesworth (b.1979) is an Irish abstract artist living and working in the coastal town of Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. His abstract oil and ink paintings have been sold and exhibited internationally. Anthony is represented by Sol Art Gallery, Ireland.

Anthony’s oil paintings explore the process of constructing and deconstructing patterns. These abstract compositions are produced by a wide variety of treatments. The under layers of the paintings are built up with palette knives and large rhythmic brush strokes. He then uses long sheets of acrylic attached to wooden handles and sharp metallic blades to build up layers of paint. These large scale oil abstracts are inspired by the designs and landscapes that make up his everyday environment.

Anthony’s latest ink drawings are inspired by the struggle between man and nature. As with his oil paintings, the landscape of his environment also plays a major role in the planning of theses architectural like drawings. Horizontal and vertical lines create grid like structures within the work. The visual language sometimes echoes that of sheet music. Branching fractal-like patterns weave in and around vertical and horizontal axes creating a dialog and a sense of time within the drawings. Music, harmony, pattern and rhythm all play key roles in the creation of his abstract compositions.

Living by the coast in Dun Laoghaire, the sea has a major influence on Anthony’s work. Anthony’s background is in music composition. In 2013 he received a 1st class masters in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College for his three part multimedia composition. After
its initial performance in the Samuel Beckett Theatre Dublin, this visual and audio composition went on to be exhibited in galleries and theatres around Ireland and performed in The National Concert Hall, Dublin. The work was also exhibited in the Reykjavik Concert Hall, Iceland as part of the Punto y Raya festival.

Since 2013 Anthony’s work has gone on to gain even more international exposure with eleven exhibitions in 2017 in locations including London, Paris, New York, Manchester, Edinburgh and at the prestigious Sofa Expo in Chicago with Sol Art Gallery. His work has also gained new exposure in Paris working with Inception Gallery. 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for Anthony with exhibitions already planned in the USA and the UK. Sol Art Gallery will host Anthony’s eighth solo exhibition in summer 2018.

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 Anthony Wigglesworth - Solar Storm
150 x 150cm
Oil On Canvas

Solar Storm 150 x 150cm Oil On Canvas