Ernesto Javier Fernandez (Cuba 1963 - )


Ernesto Javier Fernandez, born in 1963, is the son of one of the island's best photojournalists, but above all, he is an excellent photographer on his own. So much so, his father allowed him to use the crossbow in equal matches, and in 2001, Ernesto was awarded Harvard University’s First Prize of Photography.
In spite of having used an inexpensive “camarita” since he was a boy and worked as a photojournalist and writer for Cuban and German publications, Ernesto Javier takes up photography as a freelance artistic pursuit in 2006.
In his work, there is a diverse mixture of visual languages that are produced, ranging from the apparent objectivity and austerity of photojournalism, to the pompousness and buzzing in advertising. In fact, the hybridity and transition stage where classification becomes difficult is what moves this creator.
Fernandez is a historian that is not only satisfied with referring data in a cold and direct way, but the sensibility and humor is his judgment, as his aspirations to keep re-inventing himself, they turn him into an artist who gets the best outcomes of the possibilities in expression using the photographic language.

Work Selection

Ernesto Javier Fernandez - BICICLETA from the series "In Dior we Trust"

BICICLETA from the series "In Dior we Trust"