Jonah Gouin ( 1970 - )


Jonah Gouin is a contemporary photographer whose work has led him to some of the most remote and interesting places in the world. From searching for undiscovered underwater sea mountains in the remote South Pacific, hanging out of an open door of an Argentine military plane photographing whales off Patagonia, living with Indians in the troubled Darien Jungle, or scrambling along molten lava flows of Hawaii, adventure is always close by. For Jonah, the camera is not only about capturing images but is also a means of entry into other people’s lives and their surroundings. Through his lens, he is able to capture the essence and significance of the moment, translating it into a vibrant visual presentation within an extended framework. These magical and extraordinary photographs allow the audience a greater breadth of view.

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Work Selection

 Jonah Gouin - Real Doll

Real Doll

 Jonah Gouin - Pelican House

Pelican House

 Jonah Gouin - Miami Eyes

Miami Eyes

 Jonah Gouin - Toros Con Los Cigarros

Toros Con Los Cigarros

 Jonah Gouin - Fidel's Cell

Fidel's Cell

 Jonah Gouin - Depleted Power

Depleted Power

 Jonah Gouin - White Room

White Room