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Morten Lassen
Beyond Words G
Morten Lassen's paintings explore the roles of light, texture and geometry in the evolution of pure abstraction. Working in series across several canvases at a time, Lassen applies his pigment layer-by-layer to create a richly variegated surface texture, where each plane of colour is informed by those beneath.


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Richard Nott
19th C Cloisonne Vase with Chrysanthemums
Richard Nott's formative training in textile design comes to the fore in his sensitive and tactile paintings. After extensive archival research across global museum collection of archeology and ceramics, Nott's fine paintings convey his respect - at once adoring and and admiring - for antique artefacts and their craftsmen. 


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Phil Shaw
The Life Aquatic
Dr Phil Shaw is a ground-breaking British digital-printmaker, admired for his hyper-real images of great formal elegance and conceptual richness. His distinctive bookshelf prints interrogate the changing place of the printed word in a digital age, and the transfer of meaning through inter-textuality.  



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